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The Road to the Altar

It is seeming just as difficult for us to say our "I do's" this time as it was the first.  At every turn we have had an obstacle thrown in front of us to block our path.  These set backs are serving only to further my resolve to finally make it to the altar with my husband.

We are not renewing our vows to have a party.  We are not renewing our vows so that I can finally have the wedding of my dreams.   (Okay, well maybe a little, but that's hardly the main reason.)

Our reasons for renewing our vows goes way beyond the obvious.  It is to celebrate the love that God has grown between my husband and me over the past sixteen years, to celebrate what He has taught us about our relationship with Him through our marriage, to celebrate the beautiful family He has blessed us with, and hopefully to serve to inspire other couples of what their marriage can be when God is placed at the center of it.  We are renewing our vows to celebrate God's love through us!!

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