Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Addition X's TWO!

It should come as no shock to most of you that once again The Love Shack Pack's has increased in number.  Yes, it is true.  Back in November my oldest son requested his very own Golden Retriever puppy.  Two days later Boondocks' older sister gave birth to eight beautiful puppies.  Another Golden Miracle?  We thought so too.  It just so happened that Jaden's birthday was a month away.  Two weeks later, he chose her from the litter.  While she was a birthday present, she wasn't old enough to come home until Christmas eve.  Jaden named her Angel and we are all completely in love with her... well not Boondocks, but he'll come around.

In the true nature of our somewhat unSIVILized home, Angel was not alone in her homecoming.  A week after Angel's birth, we fostered five puppies whose Lab mom had disappeared.  The little darlings were three weeks old and not yet weaned.
The first week with them was heart breaking.  Within days of bringing them home, they all developed Coccidia and had a bad case of hookworms.  The combination was fatal for three of them.  We lost both white ones and one black one.  We fought hard to save the last two often waking up multiple times a night to bottle feed them or just to give them a dropper of water when they became too weak to suck a bottle.  By God's grace they pulled through.  At that point, we were too attached to part with both of them.  We let my six year old son choose one to keep.  He chose (and named) Krypto:

And so we now have two 2 1/2 month old pups.  Once again our home is equally divided between humans and dogs.

Just as it should be.


  1. Hi Samantha, Congrat's on the two bundles-how fun! I tell you that you must have married a saint-aren't too many men out there that would take two puppies into the home. I love it!!!!!!
    Blessings on your evening dear one-give those pups a kiss from me.
    Noreen & Hunter

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi, I realize i am chiming a bit late here, but i have just found your blog via "myfitnesspal" so I thought I would share this with you concerning the pups thatwere lost:

    Like you I have had to say farewell to some of my very best and beloved four legged friends.
    I searched God's Word for deeper meaning to their death. I hope this will help you when you have to make very difficult decisions to send those wonderful loving souls from this realm on to heavenly places.

    Creature > Hebrew > nephesh. In itself nephesh, or soul implies conscience life, as distinguished from plants which have unconscious life. In the sense of conscience life an animal also has a soul.

    Genesis1:24 [ESV] And God said, “Let the earth bring forth living creatures according to their kinds-livestock and creeping things and beasts of the earth according to their kinds. And it was so.

    The only Hebrew word traditionally translated soul> [nephesh] in the English language bibles, refers to a life breath which returns to God at death.
    In the New Testament, the Greek word traditionally translated soul, has substantially the same meaning as the Hebrew.

    The only difference between humans and beasts is that humans also have a spirit that lives on in eternity as well as the soul.
    As humans we are able to make the choice to either turn from our sinful ways, and follow Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savoir by which He will endow us with His Holy Spirit bringing us into the eternal heavenly places with Him after we die our earthly death, or we can make the choice to refuse Him during our lives here on earth thereby being turned away from eternal heavenly places and subjected to an eternity of darkness and decay.
    see Revelations 20:15

    So you see animals, by default, having a soul, pass from this realm into heavenly places when they die.
    It's such a wonderful thing that God gave us His Word in tangible form so that we can know all of these things and not have to be upset about what happens to our beloved pets and loved ones after death.


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