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New Addition X's TWO!

It should come as no shock to most of you that once again The Love Shack Pack's has increased in number.  Yes, it is true.  Back in November my oldest son requested his very own Golden Retriever puppy.  Two days later Boondocks' older sister gave birth to eight beautiful puppies.  Another Golden Miracle?  We thought so too.  It just so happened that Jaden's birthday was a month away.  Two weeks later, he chose her from the litter.  While she was a birthday present, she wasn't old enough to come home until Christmas eve.  Jaden named her Angel and we are all completely in love with her... well not Boondocks, but he'll come around.

In the true nature of our somewhat unSIVILized home, Angel was not alone in her homecoming.  A week after Angel's birth, we fostered five puppies whose Lab mom had disappeared.  The little darlings were three weeks old and not yet weaned.
The first week with them was heart breaking.  Within days of bringing them home, they all develope…