Friday, June 8, 2012

The Honeymoon Suite

This past Christmas my daughter, Dacey, requested a bedroom make-over as her gift.  Not ones to disappoint, my husband and I took extreme measures to bling her room out to the standards of a teenage girl.  The transformation was amazing and left our three sons wanting a retreat of their own.

Around March it was their turn.  Over two thousand glow in the dark stars later, their bedroom reeks of cosmic coolness.

Having satisfied the children's requests for the most awesome bedrooms ever, Tommy and I decided it was time to gift ourselves with an equally dramatic make-over.

Our bedroom had last been painted about five years ago when it belonged to my three sons.  We had done a race car theme in their room at that time and the walls and trim were painted with hues of blues and bright orange.  We felt we deserved a peaceful, yet romantic, room where we too could hide from the world and rest.  The end result surpassed our expectations.

Working on a strict budget, we wanted a room that was peaceful yet elegant, tranquil but romantic.  I knew a canopy was a must and purchased a curtain rod and sheer scarf at Wal-Mart.  It perfected the look I'd hoped for at a reasonable price.

For the walls, we chose Robin Egg Blue in semi-gloss by Glidden to add a feeling of serenity to the room.  We painted the trim in semi-gloss white, and painted the furniture and other features using Onyx black semi-gloss from Glidden.  We spray painted the metal touches on the furniture using metalic silver to complete the look.

The bedding set we found at one of my favorite stores, Ross Dress for Less.  It was an eleven piece set and cost less than half of the original retail price.

We placed the bed beneath a mantle that use to house a fireplace that no longer exists.  A $5 mirror spray painted to match the silver on the furniture and a candelabra setting atop the mantle lend to the romantic essence the room portrays.

Using my children's hands to form the word love, I printed and framed each letter and hung individually on the mantle to separate the bed from the wall.  It looks beautiful and really adds a personal touch to the room.

Connor, Jaden, Isaac, and Dacey
Directly across from the bed, we chose to set up our television on top of a dresser.  A door frame remains from an early remodel of our home.  To set it off we painted the wall white and trim black and decided to hang a mirror so that it seemed to serve a purpose.  Upon completing it we decided to balance the room, we'd need a mirror on each side.  (We now plan to add a second door frame solely for decorative purposes.)

The far side of my room serves as a book nook/office for our homeschool family.  Behind the loveseat sits two sets of book shelves, two desks, and computers.  The sheers separating the room and over the windows were purchased on clearance for $2 each.  Their presence gives softness and elegance to the area.

For additional decoration, we used silver rocks, candles, and pretty glassware.  All purchased at the dollar store, these small additions cost less than $15 and gave a big bang to the room.

Nightstand decorated with lamp and flowers we already had were spray painted silver to match room.

An antique perfume bottle filled with gardenia scented oil purchased for $1 at thrift store.

Romantic fountain reads, "Let Love Flow".

Candle setting created using silver stones and vase.

This one included potpourri. 
Wine glass for $1 from dollar store filled with potpourri and silver rocks.

"This is our happily ever after."

The Honeymoon Suite
I feel like a princess in this amazing room that we will enjoy for many years to come.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

King of Dog Toys - KONG

We have long been a fan of KONG brand dog toys and were ecstatic when they asked us to review a few of their new products.

Scarlet danced with delight when the package arrived:

Ohno couldn't wait to get his paws on the goodies:

Mom was quick to test out the Kong Zoom Groom.  We goldens tend to shed a lot and leave lots of fur all over the house.  Mom was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily this handy tool pulled loose fur from our coats.  The fur clung to the Zoom Groom like a magnet rather than floating off into the unknown for mom to clean up later.

Once mom had finished her experiment, it was time to PLAY!!  We dogs were most excited by the Kong Tails.

Tug, toss, and squeak??  Are you kidding us!!  That's our favorite combination.

I was quick to claim this toy as mine and mine alone:

Too bad the rest of the pack wasn't as keen on that idea.

At the end of a hard fought battle, I won! 

Next up was the Kong Safestix.  Mom wasn't too sure about this until she checked out more details at Kong's website.  Here's their description:

"KONG Safestix are the perfect throw and fetch toys. They are bendable and flexible which provides interesting and engaging fun for dogs. KONG Safestix are made using durable plastic material and are great interactive dog toys. They are meant for indoor or outdoor use and they even float!  Each size comes in assorted colors."

Ours came in red.  And we instantly loved it.  

It's great.  We love playing with sticks out in the yard, but mom's always worrying about them splintering off and hurting us.  With the Kong Safestix we can play 'til our hearts delight with no worries of injuries.  It is truly a revolutionary product for us doggies who love to chase sticks!

Nom, nom, nom, nom... good stuff!!  

"Mom, Scarlet took my toy."

 After all that it was time to check out the final product.  The Kong Cloud Collar.  It really is a nifty, little thing designed to be used like the famous cone of shame.  Only it's a cloud - not a cone.  And there is no shame involved!  Daddy says it was super easy to assemble and put on me.  And Mom liked that I was still able to maneuver without bumping into walls and everything else.  I was not able to get it off and it is even bite and tear resistant.  We give the Cloud Collar a whopping four paws up.

Behold the Cloud of No Shame:

"I make this look good!"

At the end of the day, we are all deliriously happy with our latest Kong experience.  We can't wait to see what the brilliant minds at the Kong Company come up with next.