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What 1200 Daily Calories Look Like

Before I began this journey, one of my biggest obstacles was understanding how to prepare a meal under a limited number of calories. has helped made possible for me to easily track what I eat and 
When I eat it.  Below are two typical days of food that I normally eat.  I normally try to stay under my calories, carbs, and fat.  I prefer to have more fiber and protein that is listed.  I also drink between 12-15 glasses of water daily.

Folgers - 1/2 Caffine Coffee - Coffee With 2 Tbs Half & Half Creamer, 8 oz40131020Ico_delete
Apples - Raw, with skin, 1 small (2-1/2" dia) (approx 4 per lb)55150031Ico_delete
Jiff Natural - Peanut Butter Smooth, 1 Tbsp95484140Ico_delete
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Add Food 
Smart Ones - Traditional Lasgna With Meat Sauce, 1 package300417174860Ico_delete
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Generic - Sharp Cheddar Cheese , 1 ounce1101680250Ico_delete
Add Food 
Great Value - Frozen California Style Vegetable Mix, 2.668 cup10020048120Ico_delete
Great Value - Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, 4 oz10003230220Ico_delete
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Keeblers - Sandies Dark Chocolate Almond Cookies, 4 cookies340382042190Ico_delete
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Your Daily Goal1,3001794349142,500
I chose to limit my caloric intake to less than 1300 calories a day based on the amount of weight I need to lose.  Since Jan. 10th of this year, I have loss 48 pounds by following this plan.  Also, I do not consider this a diet plan, but a healthy lifestyle change.  There is no going back!  


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