Saturday, August 25, 2012

The World is Our Classroom

We have successfully survived our first week back to school.  This year I have kids entering and finishing elementary and entering and finishing middle school.  I'm not sure how that is possible as I am not old enough to have kids that old.  ;-)

In addition to the kids doing their grade specific work using Switched on Schoolhouse, we are doing unit studies so that we can come together and learn and explore as a family.  Our first unit study is on a subject of interest to all six of us:  SPACE.  

Our first field trip of the year was to the planetarium to see a sky show.  It was great fun, and although we did not agree with the teachings of many of the secular theories regarding space, it was an entertaining and educating experience.  

We are using the books, "Taking Back Astronomy" by Jason Lisle and "Finding the Constellations" by H.A. Rey, the author of the Curious George series with our study.  And thanks to Pinterest we have many space themed activities to keep us busy throughout the month of September.  (You can find my HOMES COOL pinterest board HERE.)  

We are also taking advantage of our handy pocket star finder to use while star gazing.  You use it to adjust the time of year to show you exactly what stars you are looking at.  We also love using the Google Sky Map application on my Android smart phone to help us navigate the night skies. 

In our study we will explore the idea of the story of the Bible from creation to the fall of man, from the crucifixion to Christ's second coming being written out in the stars.  The Heavens truly declare the glory of God and we are looking forward to becoming intimately aware of just how much they share with us.

Earlier this week, the six of us laid on the trampoline star gazing for an hour or more.  During that time God allowed us to view a more awesome sky show than any the planetarium had to offer - it was complete with thousands of stars, several shooting stars, and even lightening.  

Next week is to be filled with several experiments and crafts to help us better understand the mysteries of space.   We also hope to camp out so that we might spend an entire night away from the bright lights of town star gazing.  Stop back by to be part of our adventure - to infinity and beyond!  


  1. Your kids are growing up too fast! We took my 7 year old niece along with my parent's and myself to a Planetarium twice at the Creation Museum on July 31st and August 1st of 2012.


  2. I love, love, love unit studies. We have been studying South America & begin a "rabbit trail" studying volcanoes next week.

    Thanks for sharing! And your pics are awesome as always!


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