Monday, April 30, 2012


At the beginning of January when I shared that I was beginning a weight loss journey, I stated that my ultimate goal was "MORE GOD and A LOT LESS ME".  Right now I am averaging a weight loss of nearly ten pounds a month.  The physical change is becoming obvious.

What about the heart change?  It has transformed even more than my body. I hope to the casual observer that change is even more obvious.

More God Less Me?

My heart has been turned back to my home and children.  Before my interests were divided. I was busy, busy, busy and was staying that way intentionally.  As I have sought after God during this time, He opened my heart to see that I had become too busy.  My priorities were out of whack.  I began seeking Him and He has drawn my family closer to Him and to one another.

There have been a lot of big changes over a small amount of time.  From seeking God at home, He led our family to a church where we feel we truly belong.  The heart of the church reflects our own: to reach others for Christ - to connect.  It is a place where individuals matter, where praise is genuine, and where worship flows.  It is home.  I am so thankful to be there - at last.

Within weeks of regularly attending services, my oldest child asked me to set them up an account on .  Dacey knew that I had used that site for my Bible reading plan and wanted to do the same.  I scanned through and found a plan that seemed to fit: .  What really clicked about this plan was the family discussion times it offered.  I reset my plan so that Dacey and I could do this one together.  The fire was lit.  The rest of the family followed suit.  We are now two weeks into reading with each family member having personal Bible reading in the morning and evening and then family reading and prayer before bed.

As we began making a few of these changes, we were reminded of how much fun we use to have in the evenings.  We use to play outside, read books, play games, or watch movies.  Over the past few years, we'd traded that time for sitting around the television every evening.  So we turned the cable off.  It was a big step, but surprisingly enough, the kids thanked us for that decision.  Now our nights are about family - not the next re-run of NCIS.

I'm not where I will be, but I'm not where I was.  I am excited to see where God is taking my family and so thankful that He has brought us closer to each other as we have drawn closer to Him.

No turning back.  No turning back.  


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  2. HALLELUJAH... I love you and am so proud of you! You are the best mom in the world. I enjoy getting closer to God and my family.

    Love your daughter, SJ (DJ)

  3. WOW! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! Such love and growth and amazing changes reflected...

    God is so good!

    we could ALL use less tv (worldly pleasures --self) and more of HIM!

    We haven't cut cable off but I found the OFF switch...its made such a difference...some tough times brought me to that decision and actually the tough time isn't over yet but PRAISE GOD i am seeing more of HIM and less of ME!


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