Friday, January 27, 2012

Hi-Tech Healthy Living

How did people ever lose weight and work towards a healthier lifestyle before websites and apps and video games were available in our modern world?

When I began my quest towards healthy living just a couple of weeks back, I initially started with Wii Fitness.  What I especially like about the Wii Fitness game is that it challenges you more and more as you advance through levels.  You aren't stuck doing the same routine every day, so you can expect different results.  So far I have mostly done yoga, aerobics, and balance games that help to improve your overall posture.  The more I do it, the better I get.  The better I get, the more challenging it becomes.  I can't wait to add some more of the Wii fitness games to our collection (especially Zumba!).  (Disclaimer:  I am not using Wii Fit exclusively in my weight loss journey.  Results vary person to person.)

My Fitness Pal's website has become a valuable asset as I learn to make healthier choices in regards to dining.  When I entered my weight, height, and age and shared how much weight I'd like to lose over how much time, it instantly responded with a daily calorie intake.  To achieve my goal it tells me exactly how much of which nutrients I should eat daily.  It also allows me to enter each individual food that is eaten and counts the calories from it for you.  It has a huge database that range from fresh to frozen to farmer's market to Wal-Mart to restaurants.  A lot less paper work on my end as it tells me exactly how many calories I have left at any point in the day.  It also allows you to log work-outs and tells you exactly how many calories you burn based on your size, the activity, and the time spent.  The community aspect also makes for a wonderful experience.  I searched topics such as: "Made to Crave", "100+", and "Fibromyalgia" to find people walking the same path I am.  The encouragement and accountability are wonderful!  I also have downloaded the free My Fitness Pal app to my Android smart phone to track my progress away from home.   The information is shared between the phone and site so that my information is always current wherever I might be.

Speaking of apps -

I really wanted a pedometer that not only counted my steps but also traced my route and mapped how far I'd walked.  After downloading a couple that I wasn't really please with, I searched the Android Market and found the Cardio Trainer.  I can't begin to tell you how handy this FREE app is.  Simply put your phone in your pocket and it tracks your every movement.  Put it in workout mode and it will tell you how far you've walked and how many calories you've burned.  It also plays the music stored in your phone's library as you're working out.  The GPS feature shows exactly where you are and where you are going and how far you've traveled.  It is the perfect combination!

These are a few simple elements that keep me motivated daily.  Do you have any sites, games, or apps that you've found essential to your routine?

(Oh, and if you're on My Fitness Pal, be sure to add me as a friend.  I'm agapegoldens and I look forward to encouraging you!)



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