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Boon's Sunday Sermon #24 - All Creatures Here Below

Title: All Creatures Here Below
Elisabeth Elliot

Mom is out of town today so we are sharing a piece written by one of our all time favorite authors, Elisabeth Elliot.  Enjoy!

The New Yorker had a picture on its cover in February 1968 of a group of people looking at sleeping puppies in a
pet shop window.  Every face was alight, and the women, of course, were tapping on the glass, trying to elicit
some response from the fetching little beagles in the pen.

What is it we see in the faces of puppies? What else in the whole world instantly softens the expressions of the
hardest people as does the sight of a little puppy trotting gaily along the sidewalk? Is there something eternal,
some intimation of unutterable sweetness there which we know will be gone in a matter of weeks?  We want to get
our hands on the softness; we crave response. People who would not dream of addressing a stranger on the street will address a puppy and then often, as though they cannot help themselves, the owner o…

It's Who We Are

Mr. Chewy - It's What's for Dinner :-)

So a couple of weeks ago, we received a very nice email from Mr. Chewy asking if we would be interested in testing out and reviewing their website in exchange for $50 worth of products.  Boy, howdy, did someone say free food???  Yes, indeed!  We were interested.

Mom says feeding seven dogs isn't always convenient... especially when five of them are rather large dogs like we Golden Retrievers are.  I don't know what all the fuss is about.  Seems simple enough to me.  They walk into the laundry room, scoop our food into our bowls, and then we do the rest.  She said something about cost and getting those big bags of food to and from the car and to and from the house.  I don't know what she means by all that because the food always seems to just magically appear.  Mom said after ordering from Mr. Chewy, that sure seemed like the case.  She made the order one evening and then three days later a nice man appeared with food for us.  She also said that because the prices are lower…

Hi-Tech Healthy Living

How did people ever lose weight and work towards a healthier lifestyle before websites and apps and video games were available in our modern world?

When I began my quest towards healthy living just a couple of weeks back, I initially started with Wii Fitness.  What I especially like about the Wii Fitness game is that it challenges you more and more as you advance through levels.  You aren't stuck doing the same routine every day, so you can expect different results.  So far I have mostly done yoga, aerobics, and balance games that help to improve your overall posture.  The more I do it, the better I get.  The better I get, the more challenging it becomes.  I can't wait to add some more of the Wii fitness games to our collection (especially Zumba!).  (Disclaimer:  I am not using Wii Fit exclusively in my weight loss journey.  Results vary person to person.)

My Fitness Pal's website has become a valuable asset as I learn to make healthier choices in regards to dining.  When I…

Fibromyalgia and Weight Loss

I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia during my second semester of college.  The effects of this horrible disease have been crippling at times.  They have also sabotaged all previous weight loss efforts.  Not this time.   No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  Romans 8:37 
Not familiar with Fibromalgia?  Allow me to acquaint you:

Today a combination of a bad weather system and fibromaylgia have left me feeling fatigued and sluggish and aching all over.  I have not been able to exercise the past two days.  Today I am DETERMINED that I will move more even if it isn't an extended work-out.

I found some great links for more information regarding trying to lose weight with fibromyalgia.  The are a wonderful source that I'm sure I'll be going back to often.  They are:

Fibromyalgia & Weight Loss Weight Loss Tips for Fibromyalgia Sufferers And perhaps my favorite - Fibromyalgia Information Foundation - this includes …

Wordless Wednesday - Shelter Pets

Mom was asked to do some more pics for a special project for the rescue shelter we volunteer at.  Her goal was to capture the pups personalities.  Here's some of the sweet hearts she spent the day playing with.

Something To Look Forward To

Prior to our family's first visit to the magical world of Disney in 2008, I spent more than nine months planning for the perfect trip.

The planning and expectation were well worth it.  The time invested in the details gave my family not one but two wonderful vacations to the enchanted land.

I had waited my entire lifetime to go to Disney World.  I'd dreamed of it as a child, teenager, and adult.  But I'd only heard about it from others, seen pictures of it, and read about it.  I had no idea what it would actually be like until I got there.  It was worth the wait.

I am going about my weight loss journey in much the same way.  Right now I feel like I am in the planning stages.  It is going to take months of determination and hard work.  But the end result is going to be so worth it - a healthy, new me!

I can't wait!

Looking forward to the prize is keeping me focused.

Eight pounds gone.  Ninety-five to go!

To God be the glory!!

Boon's Sunday Sermon #23 - Overcoming Adversity

Many times when we are out with Kudzu, people's initial reaction upon seeing him is to say something like, "Oh, poor baby."  While I understand their sympathy, it is wasted on Kudzu.

Had Kudzu not lost his leg, his former owner would not have surrendered him.  If his former owner had not surrendered him, he would not be in a home where he can truly live life to its full potential.  He would still be an "outdoor accessory" instead of a loved family member and an inspiration for others.

Through the very situation that stifled Kudzu in others eyes, it is also the same one that brought him to his God given destiny.

How have you responded to adversity in your own life?  Have you let it define you or used it to advance you?  We all go through hard times and are in someway a victim to plans that weren't our own.  We don't have to let those things defeat us.

No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  Romans 8:37 

God has a plan an…

M2C - Chapter Two

As I have begun to become more aware of my eating habits, I find that most of my cravings occur when I am bored or when I am stressed.  I do enjoy comfort food - especially french fries (and if they happen to be covered with chili and cheese, all the better).  I have laid this at Jesus' feet and am standing firm that He is my deliverer.  I am two weeks french fry free, people!  God is good!!

I have many motivations moving me towards the goal to become healthier:

1.  My family.  Not only do I want to be able to be actively involved in their lives and to be able to enjoy playing with them - football, catch, whatever - I also want to hang around this world long enough to watch my kids grow up and grow old with my husband.  (If I'd continued down the path I was on, I probably wouldn't have much of a chance at a long life.)  At present time I also become embarrassed for my husband or children when they introduce me to a friend or associate.  I feel like people look at my husba…

Happy Birthday, Kudzu

Some of you may remember the story of how Kudzu came to be a member of the Love Shack Pack, but for those of you don't...

In May - a month after bringing Boondocks home - we received an email telling us about a four month old Golden Retriever whose leg had been amputated after his prior owner left him unattended for days and he'd become entangled in a hammock.  The owner didn't want the expense or burden of a "disabled dog" and surrendered him.  The wonderful staff at Crystal Springs Animal Hospital raised the money for his medical costs and then re-homed him with us.

Kudzu has a couple of quirks to work out and as soon as we do, he'll test for his CGC and do his therapy dog test.  He has a great personality - so full of love.  He greets everyone with a hug that can melt the coldest of hearts.

Kudzu turned "one" Sunday, January 15.  We couldn't be more thrilled to have him as part of our family.


Here are some pics of him that…

Not Such Baby Steps

When I began this journey less than two weeks ago, I said I was going to start small in hopes of making lasting progress.  My intentions were to: 1. No more soft drinks.  2.  Exercise.  3.  Eat better - no more white food.  4. Take vitamins.

Instead of easing in to my small changes, I hit them all head on at the same time.  Well, I did have about a ten day head start on the soda's, but that's it.  I began exercising Monday, January 9.  Tuesday, January 10th I began eliminating all white from my diet and sticking to a less than 1300 calories a day food plan.  Wednesday, January 11th, I started taking a women's multi-vitamin and fish oil.

Ten days later.  I feel fabulous and have lost over six pounds.  The usual aches and fatigue associated with Fibromylagia have not plagued me in the same way the did prior to ten days ago.

I have been doing Yoga courtesy of Wii Fitness, and yesterday was able to stretch easily into a "warrior pose" while photographing dogs for BA…

Made to Crave - Chapter One Reflections

I'm participating in Melissa Taylor's online Bible study, "Made to Crave."  I've decided to keep track of my weight loss (down 6.5 pounds in 8 days!) and Bible study progress here since this blog is intended to be my personal journal anyway.

Here are the questions and my responses from the first chapter.

If you could sit down and have an imaginary conversation with your craving, what do you think it might say to you?
"You know you want me."  

What questions would you want to ask it?
"Are you really what's best for me?"

How do you imagine it might respond?
"LOL.. you're joking, right?"  

(Apparently my craving is a smart-aleck!)

How do you respond to the idea that God made us to crave?
If we didn't have any cravings or desires in our lives, what would cause us to pursue anything?  I think we'd all live ordinary, complacent lives.  God made us to crave where we would dream bigger - not so our bums would grow bigger.


In His Image

When it says we're created in His image, it was talking about the One Sovereign God, the Creator of the universe.  Somewhere along the way my physique transitioned to a more accurate representation of Buddha than our Father God.  And now I'm excited to finally be doing something about it.

Thanks to the grace of God and, I am four and a half pounds lighter than I was when I began challenging myself this past Monday.  I have been logging every bite I take and every move I make into fitness pal to show myself just how much I am accomplishing each day.  I love that it is available as an app on my phone and helps to hold me accountable wherever I go.

I am excited to be starting the Made to Crave Bible study at Melissa Taylor's site tomorrow.  Hopefully my book will be here soon!

I'm not where I want to be, but praise God, I'm not where I was!

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from…

Boon's Sunday Sermon #22 - Pardoned

Several years ago we were contacted about an American Eskimo Spitz that was in a high kill shelter and scheduled to be put down.  The breed was one in which I was well acquainted having been my grandmother's chosen dog when I was a child.  We were told that this dog was "vicious" and "beyond hope".  Not willing to accept this verdict, my husband and I drove two hundred miles to pick the dog up.  As we were greeted by the folks from the shelter we were told, "This dog is loco.  We have it crated and will not put our hands in to remove it.  Let's back our crate to yours and let him run into it."  They went on to inform us that because he was such a loud, obnoxious barker he was equipped with his own bark collar as an added bonus.  I was sickened by their lack of compassion as well as their lack of education.

Upon arriving home with "Puff", I spoke gently to him as I opened his crate.  I calmly reached inside and pulled him out.  As soon as …