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In His Presence

I'm sure for the common observer it would be quite comedic to watch my daily activities around the house. I get up and am followed to the bathroom by my dog, Ohno and my cat, Serendipity. I head to the kitchen to fix breakfast only to look down and see my beloved pets at my feet. I go sit down in my chair, and lo and behold, Serendipity has jumped in my lap and Ohno is laying at me feet waiting for me to pick him up. They want to be close to me. Each step I take, I can count on one or both of them to be nearby. Ohno can honestly be classified as a "momma's boy". He is my shadow, and when I am out of his sight, he grieves.

Ohno and Serendipity know that I have their best interest at heart. They know that I love and adore them. They know that I will take care of them, provide for them, and protect them. Because they have received my love for them, they have a desire to be where I am.

We are told in Psalms that in our Father God's presence is "fullness of joy&q…

Only in Mississippi:

Honest to goodness, folks - I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that both of these pictures were taken within two to thirty miles of my home.   

Shouldn't that be "boiled" peanuts???

Well, I guess this is a matter of convenience... all you can eat fish while you wait for your tire change?

Yep, you just might be a redneck!