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The Most Wonderful Time

Christmas music has already begun playing in our home.  Mom is somewhat of a Christmas fanatic!  Not that we skip Thanksgiving - we are observing it daily this month by proclaiming all we are thankful for.  We have LOTS of SPECIAL traditions in our home during this time of year and most even include us doggies.

Our season officially kicks off on Thanksgiving Day.  We have what the humans have affectionately begun to refer to as "A Non-Traditional Traditional Thanksgiving".  Instead of having the normal Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, each child chooses their favorite food.  Then mom cooks one dish per person.  We usually watch the National Dog Show before lunch and then the Dallas game and Christmas movies afterward.

Of course, with this being mine and Kudzu's FIRST Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we are especially excited!!!

This year we are going to start a new tradition on Thanksgiving afternoon:  We are going to go to a CHRISTMAS tree farm and pick out our very own TREE.  Now I've never heard of having a tree in the house before, but that sounds like a good tradition right there.  After the tree has been chosen, we will ride over to a neighboring town to see their entire park lit up with Christmas displays.  And from there, the fun is just getting started.

The following day, the humans "deck the halls".  I'm not sure what that means, but from what I gather they will make the inside of the house pretty with seasonal decorations.  That is also the day they will decorate the outside of The Love Shack.  Something about hanging lights on it and all?  Sounds strange but the peoples are excited about it so I guess we should be too!  One of mom's favorite traditions on that day is decorating inside and out wearing their PAJAMAS!!  Bwah har har!!  Silly humans.

Mom has already started taking lots more pictures of us for what she calls "Christmas cards".  So far she hasn't gotten one she is "in love with".. pray for us, furiends... cause that means a lot more time with the flashy monster!  Here are some from last year.. before Kudzu and me were here...

Rose Bud and Cosmo didn't want to cooperate!  

Mom is so excited about Christmas and is wanting to decorate something - anything really - so bad, I told her it was ok to go ahead and make my blog "merry and bright".  So today or this week sometime be on the lookout for the premiere of CHRISTMAS with Boondocks and The Love Shack Pack.

We'll share more with y'all about some of our family's favorite Christmas traditions in the weeks to come.  We'd love to hear some of yours too!!  Please share.



  1. Love the site.....So glad you love Christmas cause we will expect many delightful pictures of hte season here.


  2. great time for family fun
    Benny & Lily

  3. Love your pictures and your jammies!
    We start early too....wheeee! Our family has a Christmas tree farm, so we help with the U-cut operation. It's lots of fun. I think Paul(Wyatt's dad, my spouse) played his first Christmas CD about a week ago...haha!

    Wyatt's Mom

  4. Thanks for the video tip. Someone else also told us about it. We LOVED it. Unlike you my MOM does not put up a tree, although I think it would be cool to have one in the house. And she does not do any lights or decorations. She claims she just has to take it all down later. I think she just does so much of that at church she just dosn't have the energy to do it at home. So I will be looking forward to see your pretty pics.

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Christmas pictures and those smiley faces are priceless!

    Can't wait to see your new series of Christmas pictures of this year though. We love your pictures as they are so lively, full of colours and we like to see you there.

    We love Christmas music too and it has been playing around since end of last month.

  6. great new header picture..very festive!!!!

  7. It sounds like you have a very fun Thanksgiving Day and day after planned. I like the idea of decorating in pj's. :)

  8. You all have lots of great traditions! I love the blog header!

  9. Love, love, love your photos and festive header banner! Thanks for helping me get in the spirit!

  10. Very merry! Look forward to future blogs!

  11. Hi there, Love your Christmas header; you all are so photogenic! Loved hearinng about your traditions, we put all our up the day after Thanksgiving. We used to cut our own tree but now have a fake one which is easier to decorate because it is just the two of us and Reggie. He isn't so interested anymore. Have a great day and thanks for getting me in the mood for Christmas.
    Hugs, Noreen & Reggie-dog

  12. Wow!!! She sure did deck out your site!!!

    I am not sure what (if anything we will be doing here). We had so many losses last year at this time, I am not sure Mommy really wants to celebrate.

    But, maybe she will because she has me now!

    Puppy Kisses,

  13. Sounds like your mum really is getting into the spirit already! I'm definitely not! :)

  14. That sure looks and sounds like fun. We have to wait till after Thanksgiving Turkey Day to decorate for Christmas...I say too many rules, bring on the fat guy!

  15. My mum just opened your blog for the first time and she is grinning ear to ear at your wonderful Christmas header photo. Your holiday traditions sound like lots of fun - just remember a tree in the house can be confusing for us dogs sometimes! We don't know what the young pup (at 10 months old) will do with an inside tree or lots of chewy things hanging on it.

    Lots of love and woofs,
    Riley and Enzo

  16. Hmmm... this will be my second winter holiday. I wonder if we'll have cake? Teehee!

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  17. Well! This is just all Christmasy over here!!! It looks beautiful!!! How exciting that you get to do all those fun and festive things with your family!!! We look forward to sharing the season with you!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  18. Hi Y'all,

    I love your header! But then who am I but just a dog.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog


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