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I Suffer From NDS

The diagnosis has been confirmed.  It's official.  I have NDS.

See those??  That is the dinnerware set my mom use to have.  But then she got me.  And now she, dad, and the human children eat off paper plates.  Out of eight unbreakable, Corelle dinner plates, all but one have been shattered.  I really am not sure why I am the one to blame.  Had the children rinsed the plates off and set them in the sink after supper like they are suppose to, I would not have felt compelled to knock them to the floor to rinse them off myself.  (I was unable to follow through rinsing them.  So disappointing.  Once the paw-rents heard the plates hit the floor, they dragged me from the kitchen and refused to let me help with clean up.)

Apparently my obsession with plates is not limited to only those containing recent remnants of food.  Mom came into the kitchen to find me chewing her favorite Christmas cookie serving plate.  It wasn't glass - just a strong plastic.  Last years Christmas cookies must have been a wonderfully delectable treat as I could smell the scent absorbed into the plate.  No matter how hard I chewed though, all I could taste was plastic. 

I know I've told you before how much I love chewing mom's favorite pair of Crocs.  She doesn't wear them away from home since I came along though.  She says they are just 'around the house' shoes now.
And when I destroyed a new 'indestructible' Kong toy after the first five minutes of play, mom wasn't at all thrilled.  She even wrote a strongly worded letter to the KONG company, to which they replied:

Thank you for choosing KONG and taking the time to contact us with your feedback regarding your recent KONG AirDog Dumbbell purchase. All KONG toys are tested extensively before being put on the market. However, we’ve learned that every dog has a unique chewing temperament, and it is not necessarily predictable by size or breed. Until you know your dogs chewing temperament, if you don’t already, we recommend that every toy be used under supervision (usually about 2 weeks).

I would like to also give you a few recommendations for your future dog toy purchases. We always urge owners to buy toys that are larger than the palette of a dogs mouth; this will help keep toys in good working condition. If your dogs really love to chew their toys, try moving up a size or switching to the black KONG Extreme made from our most durable rubber formula.

Mom's sorely disappointed in their response seeing as how I am just a five month old puppy and it was a large sized toy.  HUMPH!

Ok, not completely destroyed.  Not yet!

And so now I'm labeled as NDS.  Just cause I ate a few dishes, shoes, and toys.  Sheesh. 

Well, I may have Naughty Dog Syndrome, but at least we naughty dogs have more fun!



  1. You are too funny Boondocks!!!!Or are you just misunderstood?

  2. Don't they say that "blonds have more fun"? With your coloring, you could qualify as a blond... and if you eat dishes and shoes, etc. it makes me think you are a "natural blond", too! LOL

  3. Ummm, we think at some point in our lives we have all suffered from NDS too, but take it from us, the humans still love us.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Oh Boondocks...Oh my, oh my. NDS is a bit harsh I think. I mean,A guy can't help being a guy, the sun can't stop being bright. Rain is wet, We are what we are.....

    So be you my friend. be true to yourself, if you are a chewer, then YOU ARE A CHEWER.

    Its not your fault that the humans of this world have not developed something that you can't destroy. I mean really, is that your fault. They are the ones that tell us they are the top of the food chain.....they are wiser than us.....smarter...ect..ect...ect..

    Although.......You must be sure that while you are chewing on stuff that you DO NOT Swallow anything. (This is from personal experience)

    So I will leave you with these words of wisdom. After all I am two years and some months older than you, thus I am wiser. And my wiseness says....BE YOU


    (Boondocks, please ignore everything Bert just told you. I care about you and your humans so pretend he didn't say any of that.

    My Vickie)

    OK,this is weird....someone is talking for her dog and for herself. something is wrong with one of them.

    Bert and My Vickies computer

  5. Auto tires are pretty indestructible, although hard to play with in the house, Boondocks!

    Visit your local tireshop and see what they would recommend for forever playtime. There must be something with your name on it!


  6. I think all pups go through NDS- sometime they out grow it and sometimes they don't! I know Mack is going through NDS right now- she will never leave her poor brother alone.

    The quest for the perfect toy continues...

  7. I have NDS too! We need a support group or something. Look at what you did to those shoes - that's pretty impressive!!

  8. Wow, we're amazed. You really are good at what you do. Sam has NDS too but he isn't a puppy any more.

  9. sounds like you and Mesa have lots in common


  10. Hahaha! I'm right there with you! Fortunately my NDS didn't last long, except with stuffies and I'm not allowed to even go within 10 feet of one.....


  11. Hey Boondocks!
    Wow, I don't get what the fuss is all about! Don't all peeps know that chewing is a required part of puppy-hood?!? I think we'd be all screwed up in the head if we didn't go through this phase. For me it was (ahem) furniture! Yes, I chewed it and Mom sewed it. The Frankenstein Collection lasted for about 1 year, then was safely replaced after I finished this phase. Hang in there...I think you're doing great! Wonderful chompers you've got there!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  12. Ha. Toby does the exact same thing. He's chewed through every toy I've gotten that claims to be durable. I call him destructo dog.

  13. I'd better not let Todd see this post, I don't want him to get any ideas! :-) But I have to say, that we had the same thing happen with a Kong toy too. Last month, at 3 mos old, Todd chewed up a Kong toy that was 'Golden size.' I think they need to ask you and Todd to test their products, and not dogs like our 13 year old Reggie! :-)

  14. You're not bad, you're just misunderstood!

    Zachary can destroy any kind of tennis-ball like object in no time - that includes wubba wubba's, kongs, and those fireman hose material toys,

    In fact, the only thing I leave them with are wool tugs (which they seem disinclined to eat, although they love to play tug with them) and official (game quality) Lacrosse Balls, which put Kongs to shame when it comes to durability.

  15. You really crack me up! Sorry about your plates and Kroks (but hey, they're not the best looking shoe anyway).

    I have been very lucky with Duncan. He loves to chew and can through toys rather quickly, but when it comes to human stuff, he's a licker. He has licked through blankets, pairs of jeans, carpeting, pillows, just about everything. But if he can chew a toy he does. He'll pick at his Kong, just pick until he gets the tiniest break or hole in it and then he goes to town, ripping and shredding until half the toy is gone.

  16. Charlie is a strong chewer, too! Fortunately for us, he only chews things that are his!!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Well it must be catching, 'cause I have that sometimes too! My excuse? I'm just a puppy!!

    Happy Sunday woofs & hugs <3,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  19. LOL!!! Poor, poor Boondocks maybe a lil' misunderstood but very, very, extra, extra maybe lust a lil' naughty!!! I love you!!!

  20. But you have very good...taste! All your chosen noms are as cute as you are. :)


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