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The Day I Went To Camp!

Thanks for the outpouring of sympathy over the injustice bestowed upon me by not being allowed to go to The Dog Days of Summer Camp for Kids.  I am rather pleased to report that finally on the last day of camp mom took me with her.  Ok, so she took all five of us goldens on Friday, but let's not dwell on that. 
I FINALLY MADE IT TO CAMP!!  The wonderful doggie camp for kids that I'd heard about all week, the dog days of summer camp that I'd sacrificed my mommy time for weeks for so that she could plan, THAT CAMP, and I was finally there.
Mom said that every doubt she'd had about bringing me earlier in the week was confirmed in the first hour I was there.  I couldn't help myself though.  I was excited to be there and wanted to teach those young'uns a thing or two!

I was just trying to help.  I don't know what mom got so upset about.  She said I wasn't the best model of an obedient dog.  (If she thinks I misbehaved at camp, wait until she sees what I did to…

Dog Days Dog Camp for Kids - Part Two

Well, this week kicked off Brookhaven Animal Rescue League's second annual Dog Days of Summer Doggie Day Camp for Kids.  I blogged earlier in the week about the first couple of days.  Today I want to catch you up on Wednesday and Thursday's events!

On Wednesday there was a Search and Rescue dog demonstration presented by Lycia Moran.  Her dogs, Piper and Chancy, were amazing.  Chancy tracked one of our campers and Piper did some exciting tricks for us.  The kids were really impressed!

(Bert, dude, is there anyone as cool as you?  We don't think so!  We did share your posters with the handler and her team.  They all agreed you are very handsome.)
That afternoon Dr. Kimble came by for our vet visit.  He taught the kids all about heart worms and how to prevent them.  He had a really cool display that shows a model of what an infected heart looks like:
I am sure by this point you are all wondering if mom held true to her promise and let us go to camp.  I am very disgusted and sick…

Mocha Caramel Frappe To Go Please


So while Mom has been having fun at BARL's summer camp the past couple of days, we have once again been left at home.  I tell you, it's a dogs life!  At least today the hoo-man children were sick from a stomach virus and had to stay home with Dad and us!  AROOOF!  We'll take what we can get. 

I hear it has all been good though.  Yesterday they had a canine police dog, and today a guide dog and a guide dog in training from Gallant Heart's Seeing Eye Dog School were there. 

Tomorrow a search and rescue dog like our buddy, Bert will be on hand to teach the kids how to act if they are ever in a situation where they become lost or missing.  Mom and Dad are excited to see the presentation since they are considering starting 'yours truly' on scent work training. 
So far it seems like all the kids are having a great time. 

Mom promises before the end of the week, we'll get to go with her.  We've got our paws crossed. 

We're Home!

While the hoo-mans traveled to Arkansas for moms Grandma's funeral this week, Kudzu and I stayed at our good friends house.  Scarlet and the other guys were allowed to stay home since mom's bff came to check on them through the day.  Since me and the ZU DUDE still tend to be a bit on the destructive side, mom said we aren't ready for that just yet.  Apparently she wanted a house left to come home too.  It was nice being at Em's though.  She is our hoo-man girl's bff, and she loves us a lot.

Mom says Grandma's funeral was a nice celebration of her life.  Everyone shared favorite memories through the week.  We are sure mom got her spunk from Grandma.  She had a fire and passion that is sure to be missed.  Did we tell y'all that Grandma was 99 1/2 when she passed?  What a blessed woman she was!

We hated that we couldn't be there with our hoo-mans.  I know we'd have given mom great comfort.  I'm sure they must have been bored silly without our antics.