Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just when things begin getting quiet again...

Tragedy strikes!  Ok, that might be a bit dramatic but at least you get the idea... 

Yep, that's our wild man, Connor Judson, in the emergency room of our local hospital this past Sunday evening.  The official story is that Connor was victim of a "hit-and-run" involving a shopping cart at the grocery store an hour before this picture was snapped.  But what actually happened is: Connor was sitting in the seat of the buggy while his daddy was picking over the produce trying to find the freshest fruits available.  Connor's big brother stood up on the end of the cart causing the cart to do a 'wheelie' (as my husband describes it) landing Connor-man on the concrete floor penned by the unruly buggy.  X-rays show a "buckle fracture" just beneathe his knee cap.  We saw an ortho-pedic surgeon today.  He wants to give Connor a week in his "temporary cast" to allow the swelling in his leg to go down, and next week will re-cast him in a permanent cast that he will be confined to for six weeks. 

The shirt Connor was wearing at the time of accident bears extreme irony since his father tends to be the most accident prone man that has ever lived!

Let me tell you - in case you might have missed any previous post about Connor - he is all boy and knows one speed - full speed ahead!  As of right now he is still experiencing so much pain in his leg that he hasn't tried to move it much.  The few times he did try, he wasn't able to.  Keeping him still for so long is going to prove to be quite a task.  We are stocked up on coloring books and Leapster games.  Thank goodness for Netflix instant stream.  I hope to keep him well entertained and occupied in an effort to keep him from bouncing around too much.

This should be interesting...


  1. In CONNOR'S defense: it was NOT his crazy wild antics THIS time but that of his brother's :)

    Poor lil man! PRayers for you all!

  2. Connor has had so many bumps, bruises, and falls! that this is one in a long line of mishaps. Big brother was devastated that little brother was injured because of his actions... and is trying very hard to keep little brother happy and satisfied.

    Look at it this was. This is the first cast in almost thirteen years of children! It's possibly not the last though!!!

    Many prayers going up for all! May this be a special time of bonding you all closer than ever before!!!

  3. Good luck keeping Connor down with coloring books, etc.



  4. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! Poor fella! I hope he feels better soon. And I hope you can keep him busy when he does ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, I feel your pain. When Dagny was three, she and a friend were jumping on our bed when she fell off and fractured her leg (we should've known something was up. That was the quietest bed-jumping I have "never" heard.).

    Read lots o' books! We'll be thinking of y'all. And thanks for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the support!

  6. Oh my goodness, that sounds like something my boys would do... and of course our younger son would be the one to end up at the ER! That boy had stitches at 2 and staples in his head at 4.
    Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway!



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