Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wah, Wah, Wah!!!

This past weekend I did something I rarely do.  Out of complete and total desperation, I called my mother and asked if she would keep my children for the weekend.  After spending most of the week listening to them bicker and fuss over EVERY, little thing that came along, I couldn't take anymore. Thankfully my mother came to my rescue and kept them for a couple of nights. 

I love my children more than anything.  I have given everything I have at this point in my life for them. I have laid down my dreams of a career, material possessions, comfort, and luxury to raise them as I feel God has led our family.  I often wonder why they can't live in peace and harmony with one another if for no other reason than to show me some small form of appreciationBut they are kids.  They do not realize my sacrifices and take my offerings for granted.

Having began a "read the Bible in 90 days" plan the second week of the month, I've found myself reading through Leviticus and Numbers the past several days.  At one point in my reading I could really understand God's feelings towards the Israelites.  He had delivered them from captivity.  He had performed numerous miracles among them.  He was taking them from slavery to prosperity and yet all they did was moan, groan, and complain.  "God, we don't have food."  "God, we need more water."  "God, this food isn't good enough." "God, we want all that you've promised us, but can't you just give it to us already." No gratitude or appreciation was shown. Is it any wonder that God wanted to smite his own children on more than one occasion?  I could not help but hear the Israelites whining as my own children's: "Momma, it's my turn on the Wii!"  "Momma, I wanted the last banana and she ate it!"  "Momma, he won't hand me my toy!"  And on and on it goes.

Today's Christians aren't much different.  We complain about the weather:  "It's too cold.. It's too hot.. It's too wet... It's too dry."  We complain about our jobs:  "My boss is horrible... I have to be there too early... I work too many hours."  We complain about our kids:  "They won't do their chores... They won't practice their instruments... They aren't doing their best in school."  And on and on it goes.

We don't stop long enough to take into consideration that today's rain is a blessing from yesterday's drought.  It messed with our plans and so we are ungrateful.  We forget that most often God's provision for us comes through the job He has placed us at.  We forget that we are but "filthy rags" and how very much has been forgiven.  We whine and complain, and yet we have so much!

Father, change my heart and my perspective.  Create in me in a grateful attitude.  Help me to remember that you truly are good all the time - not just when things are going my way.  In Jesus name, amen.

Friday, January 21, 2011

All God's Children Gotta Dance

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord!  Psalm 150:6