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Welcome Back!

(I haven't blogged much this year in part to never knowing which of my blogs to post to:  Mama's aMusings (our family blog) or Agape Pet Therapy (dog ministry blog).  Here you can find all previous posts from both blogs as well as updates on our life in general and what's going on with our pooches. I hope I haven't confused you too much!)

Since it's been so long - let me update you a bit on everyone:

Tommy - My precious husband  had his second shoulder surgery in sixteen months this past April.  We had hoped and prayed the surgery was a success, but more and more as time has passed, the pain has returned.  When my husband hurts, so do I.  He is still working full time to provide for our family. 

Dacey - My oldest child, and only daughter, Dacey is really growing up.  She turned twelve in September and is almost as tall as I am.  She also is in a size nine shoe!  (We call her Sasquatch.)  Dacey is still taking dance and guitar lessons and is talented at both.  (Says…