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Bringing In 2010

2010 has started off with a bang for Agape Pet Therapy. We have been busy working with Jasmine and Pillow. Pillow is a Golden Retriever puppy we are working to train for her owner. (She is also the sister of our very own, Rose Bud.) We hope to have her CGC tested before long and reunited with her family. Here's a picture of Connor working with Pillow.

Jasmine is coming right along with her service dog training. She has calmed down a lot since coming to us from Brookhaven Animal Rescue League. We were able to take Jasmine a couple of weeks ago to meet with the young lady that she is being trained for. They hit it off famously and are hopefully going to work out really well for one another. This is a picture of Jasmine in an outfit that her future owner bought for her. Isn't she precious!

Last week APT participated in National Dress Your Pet Day. Yes, there really is a day set aside for such a thing. We decked the dogs out and headed to the nursing home with them. The residen…

Woman's Best Friend

They say that dog's are mans best friend, and diamonds are a girls best friend.. well, my Rhett was a diamond in the rough who was worth his weight in gold. For four entirely too short years, Rhett was my not only my best friend but also my shadow.
We brought Rhett home when he was just six weeks old. He was meant to be for the kids but very quickly made it known that he was a momma's boy and momma's alone. We had such great adventures together. He knew all four of my kids by name and would readily hunt any of them down to "give love" which consisted of licking their faces until they were covered in a puddle of drool. He was also our protector. He could be counted on to attack my husband in a moments notice if he began tickling or wrestling what he deemed to be too roughly with me or the children. Of course, it helped that he was trained to the "kill" command which would have him hunched down barking playfully at whoever it was he'd been told to att…