Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcome Back!

(I haven't blogged much this year in part to never knowing which of my blogs to post to:  Mama's aMusings (our family blog) or Agape Pet Therapy (dog ministry blog).  Here you can find all previous posts from both blogs as well as updates on our life in general and what's going on with our pooches. I hope I haven't confused you too much!)

Since it's been so long - let me update you a bit on everyone:

Tommy - My precious husband  had his second shoulder surgery in sixteen months this past April.  We had hoped and prayed the surgery was a success, but more and more as time has passed, the pain has returned.  When my husband hurts, so do I.  He is still working full time to provide for our family. 

Dacey - My oldest child, and only daughter, Dacey is really growing up.  She turned twelve in September and is almost as tall as I am.  She also is in a size nine shoe!  (We call her Sasquatch.)  Dacey is still taking dance and guitar lessons and is talented at both.  (Says the proud, non-biased mom. <wink>)  Dacey has also recently began agility classes with her dog, Rose Bud.  They are learning a lot and having a good time. 

Jaden - Still a clown but such a sweetheart is my oldest son, Jaden.  Jaden will be ten next month which seems unreal to me.  Jaden is taking piano and guitar lessons and shows a lot of promise at each.  He is really gifted musically.  Jaden has always been a self proclaimed "cat person" until he recently acquired his very own puppy - 2 1/2 pounds of cuteness, Miss. Joy (or as he calls her "Joy Joy").  She is a doll and loves her Jaden!

Isaac - Isaac turned 8 earlier this month.  He is such a sweet and charming young man.  He has a heart for people and always wants to know how he can help.  Isaac has not started any formal classes yet but wants to learn to play drums.  (Oh what fun that will be!)  Isaac is owned by the fabulous golden retriever, Cosmo.  They are BFF's and quite a joy to watch together.  Cosmo hangs on Isaac's every command.  It is a sweet relationship.

Connor - Connor - sigh - Connor.  What can I say about my dear sweet Connor??  At four years old, Connor rules the roost.  He is the sweetest, little man ever but definitely has a wild side.  The day before his birthday last month we had to rush him to the hospital after he jumped from the top bunk and landed on the open door of a wire dog crate.  After being glued back together all was well.  Just a typical day in the life of our Connor bug.

Mom -  Well, I am mostly good and always blessed.  I have had a really bad flare up with fibromyalgia over the past few weeks.  That has put me in bed more than I like, but I am determined to overcome and keep going.  I don't want to miss one opportunity of making a precious memory with this sweet family God has given me. 

This was probably too much for one post.  I'm glad to be back to blogging and will try to be more regular from now on.