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CHRISTmas at Disney

Ok, so it wasn't Christmas day at Disney, but it was CHRISTmas at Disney none the less.

CHRISTmas being my most favorite time of the year and Disney being my favorite place on earth, I had always wanted to see the World decked out in CHRISTmas best. I wasn't disappointed.

Disney's 2010 theme is "What Will You Celebrate?" and we had a lot of celebrating to do: the birth of JESUS our Savior!!, my mom joined us on our trip which made it so much more special to me, my beautiful family, and while we were there my oldest son turned ten.

Our first day we spent a couple of hours in Magic Kingdom. As we entered the park we were welcomed by the "Move it, Shake it, Celebrate it" parade. It was a great way to begin our vacation. From there we saw the Mickey's Dreams Come True live show, ate lunch at Cosmic Ray's, and rode Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. We ended our first day visit to Magic Kingdom at Chapeau Hat Shoppe to let the kids get &qu…

Our Daughter's Dog, Marley

Well, actually our daughter's dog's name is Rose Bud.  But if you have seen the movie "Marley and Me", you probably have a better understanding of why we prefer to call her Marley.
Words that come to mind when trying to decide how to best describe Rose Bud include: chaos, havoc, destructive, horrible, and mischievous.  And that's just the beginning! 
Dacey brought Rose Bud home when RB was only six weeks old and still a cute, fluffy, ball of innocence.  Boy, can looks be deceiving!  She was sweet enough in those early days, but that's what she wanted us to think.  As the past twelve months have passed, we have indeed come to realize that our daughter's dog is a ten ton, demolition crew in a forty pound, dog body.

I have often said that dogs take on the personality of their owner.  This is a point that cannot be lost on Dacey and Rose Bud.  Dacey is a beautiful hearted, kind, sweet spirited, young lady.  But she is also a loose canon - very ambitious yet eas…

A Little Fall Fun

Last week we joined our homeschool group in an outing to Mitchell Farm's Pumpkin Patch.  We had such a great time.  The farm was set up beautifully with fields of sunflowers, a corn maze, the pumpkin patch, a corn "pool", and much, much more.  The weather was perfect for the outing.  It was a fun filled, relaxing day!