Thursday, August 20, 2009


School is back under way and has started off with a bang.
The kids are especially excited about the nature study that we are doing this year. Their enthusiasm is contagious. We have already made it a point to be outdoors more and to really "study" God's creation. Romans 1:20 says that God reveals Himself to man through His creation. As we learn about nature, we are also learning about our Father.

Our first week back to school we enjoyed a nature walk at our local lake. The kids had a great time exploring. Isaac even caught a dragonfly. We were able to put it in our bug catcher and examine in through the magnifying glass door. We all agreed it was cool. Later in the week we were able to observe a katydid in the bug catcher too.

The six of us had the best time laying on our trampoline watching the meteor shower last week. It was a grand and awesome display of God's "fireworks in the sky". We talked about in scripture where it says He numbered the stars and knows them by name. Our God is an awesome God!!!
This past weekend we met our dear Cajun friends over in Natchez. We enjoyed lunch at Mammy's Cupboard, drove around a wildlife nature reserve for a bit, and then toured one of the antebellum homes. We had a blast. The boys even saw an alligator at the reserve. The girls were in a separate car, and we missed it! We did see a swarm of dragonflies though. "Yay, us," (said with great sarcasm). We still enjoyed the ride though.

On Tuesday we went with the Youngblood's to visit Grand Gulf Military Park and the Windsor Ruins. Both places were great to see. We climbed up the 75 ft. observation tower and were able to view the Mississippi River from there. The kids had a good time running through the park going through a church, rifle pits, seeing a water wheel, picnicking on the grounds, looking through the cemetery where some of the headstones were dated from the early 1800's. We also took a few minutes to let them run around the banks of the Mississippi before we loaded up to head to Windsor. The Windsor Ruins were interesting. It was a grand house in its glory days. It survived the Civil War only to be burned down when a house guest dropped their cigarette on the 3rd floor. The house burned from top to bottom and could not be saved. Only the columns and some of the iron work remain today.  And to add to our nature study, we got to see a preying mantis while visiting the ruins.

The first three weeks of our school year has found us very busy, but learning lots. I am so blessed that God called me to this journey. It is a wonderful experience to watch my children learn and to learn along with them. It isn't always easy. There are many days I wonder why anyone would be crazy enough to attempt this, but the rewards are so much greater than the sacrifices. I am loving watching these guys become who God created them to be, and I am thanking Him for allowing me to be a part of that journey.