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Never a Dull Moment

When I say that there is never a dull moment in our home, it is not an exaggeration. Really. My husband and I would prefer dull to our normal lives. Normal in our world is upside down most of the time.

For the third time in the past six months, we had to rush a child to the ER Thursday night for x-rays. My eight year old son, Jaden, wrecked his bike. While that is definitely not something out of the ordinary, the chain of events that followed were.

The kids ride their bikes on a narrow side walk in front of our house. Jaden was heading one way when he saw his sister coming from the opposite direction at full speed. He swerved to miss her and was thrown over the top of his bike landing with his side in the handle bars. He stood up, walked about three steps, and fell to the ground. His daddy and I rushed to his side and by that point he was rolling in pain. Tommy picked him up to carry him back to the house.

Once in the house Jaden walked into my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. For the …

Who are these people and why are they calling me MOMMA??

I am so thankful for my CHILDREN! Yes, they have been known to drive me nuts... especially since their father has returned to work or so it seems. But I love each one of them so much more than I could have ever imagined before becoming a mommy.

I love my kiddos for their individuality and uniqueness. I love their quirks and smirks, their humor and wit. I love their passion to follow Christ and to "do the right thing"! I love the relationship that they have with each other (at least most of the time). I love their eagerness to help someone in need.

I am blessed with GREAT children, but sometimes I forget just how great they really are.

I am most likely to forget when I'm fighting them to finish school, do their chores, practice their instruments, clean their bedrooms, stop fighting, stop nagging. I'm likely to forget when Connor is in the throws of a typical two year olds temper tantrum or has thrown something that is not suppose to go into the commode in the commode for…

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

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Former Addict Recovered by God's Grace

My daughter reminded me yesterday of something that I have told her for her entire life: "Only God's opinion of you matters, and He thinks you're wonderful." My husband chimed in, "He also thinks you're beautiful. So do I."

Wow... could a woman's heart be any fuller?

Even before approval was said to be an addiction, I was an addict. I looked for it everywhere. A person didn't even have to express their disapproval of me to lower my opinion of myself. All they had to do was not vocalize that they appreciated me or offer an appropriate compliment, or (leave a comment - lol), and a sting of rejection burned through my entire being.

John Knowles wrote that 'sarcasm is the protest of the weak.' And there was a time that I was so weak that sarcasm was my second language. I used it protect myself from any negativity I might receive from whatever source. I was good at being sarcastic and quick to offer the best smart remark for any given situation.

More Lessons From the Garden

Galatians 5:22-23 - But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

Planting a flower bed is much more work than I'd expected. The task is complete, and every muscle and joint in my body aches to prove it!

Our house was built in 1927. It shows its age well. Two years ago when we had the house rewired, it was determined that all of the existing wiring was original to the house. The floor in the living room is beginning to buckle, which is just one more project we will have to undertake before long. Hopefully, we will soon be able to put new siding on the house, and in a couple of years we plan to install central heat and air. Again, the house shows its age in many areas. The yard is no exception.

I can only imagine all of the flowers, trees, shrubs, and vegetables that have been planted in my yard over the past eighty years. There are wild onions growing in the front yard alo…

Snakes in the Garden

For weeks now the kids and I have planned to plant a flower bed during Spring Break. It was our goal to take our somewhat bland front yard and transform it into a garden of peace, tranquility, and beauty. All of the preparations were made, and this morning we began digging up the ground in order to start the transformation.

For an hour or more I dug. I didn't get a as much accomplished as I'd hoped because there were several large roots running underneath the surface of the dirt. With a lot of effort and even more difficulty, I was able to break up many of the larger roots. Finally it was time for a break. As I sat on the steps to catch a breather, Dacey continued to pull up some of the broken ground and place it into a nearby wagon. I was only a few feet from where she was working, observing her tenacity when her scream broke my concentration.

"SNAKE!!" she bellowed. Within a second I was by her side. I grabbed the shovel from Dacey and "ran the snake through&quo…

Does he love me?

I've known for a while this day would come. It was inevitable. I have tried to prepare myself.. to brace myself. It was to no avail. My husband has left me.

(Ok, the drama queen role belongs to my ten year old daughter, but I couldn't resist.) Tommy returned to work today for the first time since his surgery in December. I have really enjoyed having him home with me and will have to readjust to life without him around during the day.

Tommy and I share a unique relationship, but I firmly believe that we have what God's idea of marriage is meant to be. We love each other passionately, prefer one another above any other, and honest to goodness love spending our every waking minute together.

Tommy's love for me truly reflects Christ's love for the church. He is patient, kind, gentle, loving, affectionate, and loyal. He loves deeply, works hard, and daily lays down his life for the comfort of his family. And make no mistake, his "bride" is not perfect. She is som…

Life as I Know It!

If you've noticed there have been less "aMusings" lately, it's because life has left little time for important things... like blogging!

Last weekend our family joined friends on an overnight camping trip. The trip was fun enough... other than trying to keep up with a very active two year old...but the days that followed left me and hubby more than drained. We were tired and achey for days.

And his week? Well it has had more than its fair share of accidents to keep me on my toes. On Tuesday Isaac opened a door quickly. Connor happened to be on the other side of that door and ended up with a bruised cheek. Wednesday found Dacey knocking Jaden off of his bicycle and running over him with hers! Yes, it was an accident, but he got banged up pretty good. Then on Thursday Dacey was running fever. That was the least of it when hubby had a piece of wood pop out of a fire and into his eye! We headed to the local ER only to turn back after waiting longer than we'd wanted to…

This week's aMusing moments:

So driving home last night my daughter turns to me and says, "So, Momma. We're like made from dust, right?" "Yes, Dacey," I respond. She continues, "So you're allergic to dust. Does that mean you're allergic to yourself?" LOL Don't you just love the way a child's mind works.

Another funny from the week that has aMused me every time I've thought about it... I was listening to K-Love in the van one day this week. They were talking about good names for dogs which is of course a topic that caught my interest. One woman called in and when asked what good name she had to suggest, she responded, "My Husband." She continued telling the DJ that she was not referring to her husband specifically but rather thought the name "My Husband" was clever. She added, "Then you could say My Husband was so happy to see me today or My Husband loves me so much. My Husband does everything I ask. My Husband is so well trained."…

Picture Perfect

As water reflects a face,
so a man's heart reflects the man. Proverbs 27:19

A couple of weeks ago my family had pictures made for the first time in many years. Sure, we'd had some taken of the kids right after my two year old was born, but there were none that included Tommy and me since right after my second child was born eight years ago.

I spent so much time and energy getting ready for those pictures. After all.. everything had to be perfect. These pictures will be around after we are gone. They will be just one way in which we are remembered.

As I have thought about the preparation I put into our appearance for this particular photograph, I wondered to myself what kind of preparations would be made were one to take a picture of my heart. No, I'm not talking about an echo-cardiogram, but rather my thoughts, my actions, and my attitudes. Would the person they see on the inside be the person they thought they knew from the outside?

My grandmother always told me "pretty …