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Never a Dull Moment

When I say that there is never a dull moment in our home, it is not an exaggeration. Really. My husband and I would prefer dull to our normal lives. Normal in our world is upside down most of the time.

For the third time in the past six months, we had to rush a child to the ER Thursday night for x-rays. My eight year old son, Jaden, wrecked his bike. While that is definitely not something out of the ordinary, the chain of events that followed were.

The kids ride their bikes on a narrow side walk in front of our house. Jaden was heading one way when he saw his sister coming from the opposite direction at full speed. He swerved to miss her and was thrown over the top of his bike landing with his side in the handle bars. He stood up, walked about three steps, and fell to the ground. His daddy and I rushed to his side and by that point he was rolling in pain. Tommy picked him up to carry him back to the house.

Once in the house Jaden walked into my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed. For the next half hour I asked him, "Do we need to go to the hospital?" "No, ma'am," was the answer each time. But for Jaden to just lay on my bed...STILL...was a big indicator that things weren't quite right. So off to the ER we went.

At the hospital we explained what had happened. As they prepared to x-ray him, the staff joked about how well they had come to know our family from our frequent visits. Yes, these guys tend to be accident prone... guess it runs in the family. The x-rays did not show any breaks or fractures. Doctor said he would be sore for a few days from the bruises on his ribs. He told us to take him home, let him get lots of rest, and to bring him back if we noticed any bleeding or if his stomach became hard. He said that if his stomach appeared hard it could be a sign that there was blood in his stomach.

We came home and went to bed. Tommy got up and left for work early Friday morning. Sometime after he left Jaden crawled into bed with me. A little before 7 o'clock, I woke up to Jaden wincing in pain. He was literally laying in the fetal position, holding his stomach and rolling from side to side. I immediately reached to feel his stomach. It felt like a rock.

We jumped up, got dressed, dropped the other three at my mom's and ran to the hospital in the next town over. It is bigger and better equipped for bigger emergencies. I was so thankful that Tommy was able to get off work and meet us there.

Jaden was such a big guy. They drew blood and put in an IV, and though both were obviously upsetting to him, he handled it so well. Later in the morning Jaden had to have a cat scan to check for internal injuries. I was so glad that the technician assisting us allowed me and Tommy to wear aprons and stay with him. (I hate being on the other side of a door from my husband or children in that kind of situation!!) During the procedure as the bed was moving in and out of the tunnel, Jaden announced, "This is actually kind of fun." Later he told us, "I'm really good at this game."

We went back to his room to await the results of the test. Jaden was watching tv when a commercial came on with Mohammad Ali proclaiming, "I am the greatest!" To which Jaden replied, "Uh, no. God is the greatest."

That is indeed what we were shouting when the doctor returned to inform us that there were no internal injuries. Jaden did have blood in his urine which was most likely due to the impact he took to his stomach indicating a bruised kidney or bruised bladder. However, because he was also running fever, it could not be ruled out that he did not have an infection. We'll have to go back for further testing Monday. But for now we're glad to be home.

It stormed here several nights last week. During one of the worst storms, I brought my two year old and put him in bed beside me to "shelter him" from the storm. As I laid there watching him sleep so sweet and peacefully, I thought, "He is oblivious to the storm that is rolling outside. He knows he is here with his momma and he is safe. So he sleeps through it." I was reminded of the disciples reaction when they faced a storm at sea. They were afraid. Jesus got up and said, "I'm here with you. You're safe!" And He spoke, and the winds and the waves obeyed. "Peace. Be still."

I was so thankful that God had spoken that to my heart earlier in the week. Because while we sat with Jaden waiting in the ER, I knew that HE was there with us to calm the storm. I did not fear. I did not worry. I was calm. I was at peace. For those of you who really know me, you know that is not my typical reaction when one of my babies is hurting. But I knew Jesus was there with us, and it was going to be okay. I knew He would work the situation to our good. Jaden's going to be just fine.


  1. God is so faithful. He alone remains the same. We can rely on the fact that He loves us and has our best interest at heart... no matter what.

    I am praising God for touching Jaden with His healing hand. The result of this accident could have been entirely different. God is good.

  2. so thankful (to GOD and for GOD) that Jaden is 'fine'! :) What a wonderful, mighty, loving God we serve! The GREAT physician!

  3. Wow...That must have been so scary for a while. Thank God He gives us parents peace...because it can be very scary at times. So glad he is going to be ok. Hope he is painfree.

  4. Praise God for keeping His healing hands upon dear Jaden.

  5. So glad that things turned out alright for you all! We sometimes forget that we are sheltered when teh storm rages...reminders are are so welcomed!

  6. I am so glad he is going to be o.k. I am always thankful that we have a heavenly Father who watches over our babies for us!

  7. Beautiful words from the heart. It's good to remember that our children are HIS children! Have a peaceful if possible Monday in Motherhood (lol).

  8. Sorry to her about Jadeen's glad to hear all is OK.
    God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!!!!!!!!
    Praise be to GOD:)

  9. So glad that Jaden is ok.
    Praise God!!!

  10. Amen! I'm so glad Jaden is ok. I hope he is feeling better now.

    Take care my sweet friend!

  11. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! That was a very sweet post! We all need to be still and rid ourselves of many of our daily destractions.

    Hey. If you get the opportunity, would you mind praying for the prayer requests that are
    on our main page?

    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

    Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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  12. Just wanted to let you know I received the book int he mail today! I can't wait to dig into it. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  13. Yikes! I'm glad everything worked out. My boy has gotten my klutz gene, so I'm sure there are ER trips in our future as well...

    Thank you for stopping by my blog during the UBP. I was sick and pregnant (OK, I'm still pregnant!), and I'm just now getting around to responding to people who came by. Hope you enjoyed the party!

  14. So glad you had God's peace during a tumultuous, stormy week.

    Is Jaden doing okay now?


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