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Life as I Know It!

If you've noticed there have been less "aMusings" lately, it's because life has left little time for important things... like blogging!

Last weekend our family joined friends on an overnight camping trip. The trip was fun enough... other than trying to keep up with a very active two year old...but the days that followed left me and hubby more than drained. We were tired and achey for days.

And his week? Well it has had more than its fair share of accidents to keep me on my toes. On Tuesday Isaac opened a door quickly. Connor happened to be on the other side of that door and ended up with a bruised cheek. Wednesday found Dacey knocking Jaden off of his bicycle and running over him with hers! Yes, it was an accident, but he got banged up pretty good. Then on Thursday Dacey was running fever. That was the least of it when hubby had a piece of wood pop out of a fire and into his eye! We headed to the local ER only to turn back after waiting longer than we'd wanted to even get into admissions. After getting home Isaac was knocked off the side walk by a dog causing him a headache and a scratched back! Tonight the kids were playing and it was Dacey's turn. Not to be outdone by her siblings and father she got a little too rough while playing with her brothers, and they got rough back. So guess who ended up with a busted lip? Yep, my darling, little princess.

I took Tommy to an opthomologist today to have his eye checked out. He is due to return to work on Tuesday which will be his first day back since his shoulder surgery in December. (I did tell Tommy that though I had not wanted him to return to work, I had no intentions of him re-injuring himself!) Fortunately the doctor did not think this would keep him from returning to his job. After Tommy's eye was checked out and patched up, we decided to see if I could get in to have my eyes examined as well. It has been eight years (pitiful, right) since my last eye exam. Of course, that means my eyeglasses are eight years old too. I wear them usually just when I'm driving, but I have noticed lately that there is a glare on the tv and things aren't as "clear" as they once were. I was checked out, given a new prescription for eye glasses, and told I'd need to wear them 24/7. Yet another sign that I'm not as young as I use to be!

It has been an exhausting week, but really this is nothing any different than normal for us. I was surprised several weeks ago when I was contacted and asked to be a writer for a health blog, but I guess these kind of things are the reason why I'm the perfect candidate. If we haven't experienced it personally, someone in my family probably has!

God continues to remind me that His grace is sufficient. As I have learned to trust in Him more and more, I have also learned to be content in these kind of situations. Maybe content isn't the right word, but I do not get as anxious as I once did. Because of His continued faithfulness, I know He will see us through!

Hubby returns to work Tuesday.. pending any other accident, of course! LOL Hopefully once that happens things will slow down again, and I will be able to catch up in the world of blog.

Here's a picture of my beat up, motley crew:


  1. OH girl you crack me up! You have to play catch up on my blog then...I've done 2 others (before the one you saw) that you might have missed...time to back track with everyone for you!

    Glad everyone is ok and there weren't any more serious injuries!

    Love ya sister!

    Glad to see a blog from you! I've missed reading your thoughts! :)

  2. Yes, this is my family... and yes, they get their "graceful-ness" from me!

  3. Wow, sweet blessings upon your family. I will be praying for you.

  4. That sounds alot like my have some good NMM there. LOL
    Glad that everyone is ok & good to hear that hubby can return to work. I think for now everyone should stay in a bubble...doctors orders:)

  5. Oh my gosh, what a week. I pray angels will surround your family. Oh my!

    Next week will be BETTER! :o)

  6. Who can ever say you have a "dull" life!
    Love and blessings!

  7. Wow! It sounds like you guys had a rough week. The old saying still proves true, "When it rains, it pours." I hope this week is much better!

  8. Goodness! Your family has had a time. PRaying that this week will be a great one with no incidents! :D


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