Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Does he love me?

I've known for a while this day would come. It was inevitable. I have tried to prepare myself.. to brace myself. It was to no avail. My husband has left me.

(Ok, the drama queen role belongs to my ten year old daughter, but I couldn't resist.) Tommy returned to work today for the first time since his surgery in December. I have really enjoyed having him home with me and will have to readjust to life without him around during the day.

Tommy and I share a unique relationship, but I firmly believe that we have what God's idea of marriage is meant to be. We love each other passionately, prefer one another above any other, and honest to goodness love spending our every waking minute together.

Tommy's love for me truly reflects Christ's love for the church. He is patient, kind, gentle, loving, affectionate, and loyal. He loves deeply, works hard, and daily lays down his life for the comfort of his family. And make no mistake, his "bride" is not perfect. She is sometimes hormonal, often crazy, and even at times given to temper tantrums. Yet he loves her (me) through it all. Really does reflect Jesus and his bride, huh?

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. 1 John 3:16

I have recently finished reading "The Shack" by Wm Paul Young. I know there is a lot of controversy in the Christian world over this book. I read it as a work of fiction and not thinking it to be a theological resource. Going into it with that in mind, I really gleaned a lot from the story. Since having read the book, my eyes have been open so much more to how tangible God's love for me is.

I have been putting my thoughts together about what God is showing me about love and the trinity. I am digging into scripture and am excited about what I am learning. I cannot wait to share with you the truths that God is teaching me about His love for me... even ME!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to share some of what I've learned, but for now I have got to call it a night. I am tired, and hubby has to get up early for work tomorrow. Stay tuned....


  1. Samantha,

    That is such an awesome post about your marriage. Good for you! That is how God intended it to be. Hope his first day back was a good one.
    Until next post...

  2. All I have to say is you are too funny! And I am so happy and overjoyed that I KNOW first hand what you speak of now! Thanks for being a great example of a Godly marriage! Not perfect but perfecting!!! Love ya girlie!


  3. Well I am relieved. My dashboard only showed up to the point where it said "my husband has left me" so I thought you were in need of some support. Glad to hear it's not the case!

    When my hubby was out of work for a year I loved having him home and it was an adjustment to have him gone again! (But it was nice to have money).

  4. Such a sweet tribute to your marriage.

  5. My husband sounds a lot like your husband. I feel so blessed to be his wife. My Mom just got done reading the Shack. She thought it was good to. From a fiction point of view, like you said.
    This post blessed me as it's nice to see other marriages that are so blessed.

  6. Oh Samantha, I LOVED THE SHACK!!! I really felt God speaking to me through that book. It is so obvious that God inspired the author.

    I'm glad your hubby is better and back at work.

    Many blessings,

  7. Wonderful post. I am looking forward to hearing what else the Lord is showing you. I too am so glad that He loves ME!!! Still can't figure out why... just glad He does!


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