Monday, February 9, 2009

More and More? NO MORE!!

I love blessing my children. I gain great pleasure in finding something when I'm out and about that I think they would enjoy and surprising them with it. More often than not, I give in to their pleas when we find ourself in a toy department. It seems they almost always come home from the store with something new. It's not always a big something but usually is something nevertheless. I want to give them their every hearts desire, and I'm ashamed to admit that in doing so, I have spoiled them.

Christmas was just over a month ago. Already the gifts my children were showered with have been scattered through-out our home. They have so much that nothing holds their attention for long. It's always on to the next great thing.

I acknowledge that it is not their fault that they have this mind set. I have taught them to expect more and more. But it is also up to me to put the reins on myself to keep from lavishing them with gifts. If I am to teach them to appreciate what they have, I have to stop over indulging them.

As I thought earlier today about a specific item I knew the children wanted that I really would like to get for them, I began pondering the things I have written above. I knew that in this case I will have to wait until their attitudes towards receiving gifts has changed. For now they will have to prove to me that they appreciate it and will take care of it. If they truly want it, they will have to earn it by earning back my trust.

I wonder if this isn't how it is with God and His children too. He sits back and thinks, "I would really like to bless Samantha with a new insight, a new gift, or talent, but she really didn't seem to appreciate that last one. She hasn't shared it, used it, or paid it much attention. Seems more often these days she takes my gifts for granted. Maybe I should wait and see how she'll prove to me that she can handle what she has before I give her more."

And so it is..

Father, may I always be a good steward of everything you give me. Help me not to take your gifts for granted but to be truly appreciative for everything with which you have blessed me. In Jesus name, amen.

Matthew 13:12 - Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.


  1. Samantha, I just read your sweet comment you just left on my blog. What a wonderful word of encouragement. Thank you! and I can totally relate to the gifting for the kids...I have the very same problem (and my kids are grown!) -Blessings, Laurie

  2. What a great word! I believe I take the gifts that God has given me for granted also. This gives me much to think about. Thanks for sharing from your heart.

    Oh and are you saying that we should not get our kids everything they want??? ha

  3. Oh..this was a great post!! It really does make me think!!!!

    Have a blessed night, Samantha!

  4. It's so hard to walk that line. Our kids won't have perfect parents--but that will only turn them towards the perfect God!

  5. Sam,

    I got this lesson when M was 4 yrs old...we had just opened everything (I was a single mom at the time with VERY limited income) my mom was there and we both got her everything she could have possibly imagined...and she sat in the middle of the LITERAL mountain of gifts and said "Is this all?" I was so hurt and disappointed...see I had become more excited about the gifts than she had...she was more excited about the abundance...more more more and it wasn't enough...ever. Since then we have been able to bless her but have learned to do it on a smaller level...a little at a time...she may have a long list but that doesn't mean we have to check off the list no matter how compelled we feel to do so. As a matter of fact she's learned the art of getting the 'big' things like a letterman's jacket for CHRISTmas b/c she realizes the value of a $ through spending HER own earned money. I'll never forget the day she shopped with her babysitting just didn't go far enough. S has learned that lesson as well (with CHRISTmas gift money) He told me this past CHRISTmas that he understood why I couldn't always buy stuff b/c his money seemed to go fast...

    You are right we get like that too. God blesses us and we just want more...the fleshly appetite is NEVER satisfied...

    Godliness with CONTENTMENT is great joy. I have found that we must practice contentment by self control and resisting the temptation of or getting more.

    This is a wonderful lesson for you and your glad you shared it and are listening to that still small voice.

  6. That was wonderful. I can totally relate to that! Great post my friend.
    Blessings to you.

  7. Beautliful post...I couldn't agree more. We are trying so hard right now to teach the kids to be content with what they have and the situation they are handed. It is a hard road somedays.

  8. I was just thinking the same thing just the other day. Sometimes we ask God for things but then when He gives them to us. Do we thank Him? We take Him for granted too often. Even just food and shelter are things to easily take for granted.

  9. Oh I loved your analogy about what God must be thinking about us. Totally understand about the kid's toys too. It is hard not to spoil them.

  10. What a great reminder! I really enjoyed this posts and I love the vibrant colors in your blog- they beg me to come back for more reading very soon- Be blessed, my friend :O)


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