Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And these are the days of a mom's life...

You ever just have "one of those days"? You know the kind I'm talking about.. drama filled, action packed, never a dull moment, "these are the days of our lives" kind of days? Well, that is exactly the sort of day we had yesterday! (And to be completely honest the kind of day we seem to have more often than not lately.)

It started out normal enough. Jaden and Isaac did a little bit of school work before being taken for their weekly speech lesson. Dacey was on the computer doing her schoolwork. And Connor was running through the house acting like, well, Connor! (He is our wild one.)

Hubby returned from Jaden and Isaac's speech class with a note from their teacher. It read: "Isaac appears to have a black object lodged in his ear. I recommend you take him to the ENT." An appointment was quickly made and off we went.

We arrived at the doctor's office with the knowledge that at this particular office you never run in and out. You go prepared to wait for hours before seeing the doctor for five minutes and then being quickly ushered out the door. It's ok because we love this doctor. Jaden had even asked recently if we could go visit him. I wonder if he's the culprit who implanted a foreign object in his brothers ear as a means to go see his favorite MD?? Hmmm...

We sat packed like sardines in the waiting room. Despite our every effort to keep our two year old entertained, he was bored to say the least. He bucked and hollered and threw several tantrums. I imagined other parents looking at me thinking, "She needs to give that kid a good spanking," while all the while knowing if I did indeed give him a tap on his back-side those same people would think I was an abusive parent. When you're dealing with a tired two year old, it's a lose/lose situation.

After our hour and a half wait we were finally taken back for our five minute time slot with the good doctor. He quickly tested both of Isaac's ears and declared that his hearing couldn't be any better. He did, however, see the source of our current dilemma and decided to try to remove it with a pair of tweezers. After successfully completing his mission, the doctor announced, "I'm surprised I was able to get that. I thought for sure we would have to do surgery." As my dear friend Kathy would say, "Oiy Vay!" I'm definitely not up for anymore surgeries in our family anytime soon.

As for the source of our dilemma? It remains a mystery. It has been speculated to have perhaps once been part of a Hot Wheels car tire or the neck of a broken hero action figure. As to how it jumped into Isaac's ear unexpectedly or without his consent or knowledge, that too will remain a mystery.
You'd think after four kids and ten years a mom would be use to such things. Nope, not this one. My kids never cease to amaze me!


  1. I'm glad the doctor was able to get it out. My kids never put anything up their nose or in their ears that I recall but my friend's son stuck a bean up his nose!

  2. oh no! glad they could see it and find. my friend's daughter stuck some foam up her nose - WAY up there. too disgusting to tell you how it was discovered.

    thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Too funny my friend :o) I am glad the doctor was able to get it out w/out surgery. My son has not done this (to my knowledge). But I remember having to go several times with my little sister growing up.

    Take care my friend!
    Hope everything else is going well!

  4. That is hilarious! (After all the drama is over, of course). My 2 1/2 year old came to me a few weeks ago and said, "my treat's in my nose." WHAT? Well, come to find out he had put an M&M up his nose (they are his treats for the potty). It all came out but it was a chocolate snot mess!!

  5. Oh, how I remember days like those! Now with all my kiddos are grown except for a 14 year old son...things can get a little boring around here...NOT...he's a teenager, for Pete Sake! Now, it is just drama...yes, boys have drama too :-)

    Loved the post!

  6. HOly MOly...so glad he was able to get that out. There is a lose/lose situtaion with a tired 3 year old too. LOL
    I am with you...my kids nevr cease to amaze me either. We have an amazing doctor too that it takes forever to get into see too...but the wait is worth it. We love her.

  7. Oh my goodness, praise God the doctor was able to get the object out of his ear.

  8. Oi Vay indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girl! So glad the "Good Doctor" was able to get it out of there! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

    M put a bean in her nose when she was about 2...had to go to the ER (my kid liked to do crazy things AFTER hrs)...they attempted a couple times and finally were successful!

    She was hysterical! And not in the funny way! LOL! not so much! Teehee!

    Thanks for sharing your craziness...your kids are all such a blessing! Love you guys bunches!

    So when is that pow wow?

  9. Oh my goodness!!!!! That is so bizarre! I'm glad that it didn't go too far in!!!!!!!

  10. thank you for your prayers Samantha, I feel them, my family is wrapped in the arms of Jesus and we are at peace : )

  11. Oh, my! Glad the dr was able to get it out. I had a friend whose twin got a toothbrush lodge in his mouth as he was running while brushing or somethign to that effect. UGH! :(

  12. Never a dull moment, hey? Glad you got it out with no surgery involved! Blessings.


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