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A Perfect CHRISTmas

I've mentioned on more than one occasion lately that when it comes to birthdays and holidays, I tend to go so overboard to make sure that they are perfect that I often times find myself disappointed when things do not turn out exactly as I had envisioned. This year has been a lot different than most. Instead of driving around looking at lights or sitting by the Christmas tree reading stories, we have been planning and preparing for my husband's upcoming surgery. I feel like the whole holiday season has almost passed me by in such a whirlwind it has me left wondering where it went and how it went by so quickly.

This past week I have felt stressed to my limit more than once. I worried about my two year old relapsing although, praise God, when we had his re-check following his bout with croup, not only were we given the "all clear" but his breathing had returned to normal and he was not frightened to be back around doctors. I also was concerned about six year old. Again, God showed up. Isaac's heart exams came back within normal ranges. He does have a small murmur and a valve leakage, but nothing serious that he will not out grow. I am still anxious about my husband's surgery. Yes, I realize that it is on his shoulder... not his heart or brain... but I still really, really do not like the thought of him being put to sleep and cut on. I am very protective of my family, and I hate being in a situation where I feel like I can't protect them. And now I have a head cold. What a week!

Yet through this time God has reminded me again and again that He is faithful. He showed up with Connor's croup and then He touched my Isaac's heart, and He has Tommy in the palm of His hand also. You see, Jesus did come as a baby in a manger, but He didn't stay there. Right now in my life and in every circumstance that you are facing too, He is Emmanuel - God with us!!

This Christmas doesn't have to be the "perfect" day that I want it to be or imagine it could be. The important part is knowing that Jesus came into this world to save us from our sin. He came in the most humblest way possible to make Him accessible to even the lowest of people. This Christmas I will have my husband and children together with me. We will celebrate the birth of our King. Everything else is just glitter. For this year we can do with a little less.

For this Then Sings My Soul Saturday I want to share: "Happy Birthday, Jesus". It is all about YOU!


  1. Amen. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Enjoy and be blessed.

  2. Amen. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

  3. It will be a perfect Christmas... God is faithful as you said in your post. I really enjoyed reading this and the song is just precious. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Praying for your family to have peace during this time of surgery and holidays. This was a beautiful song. As my pastor says, let's keep the main thing..the main thing!

  5. I love hearing this song on the radio. Christmas blessings and PEACE to you!

  6. what a mighty and loving God we serve...always on time with just the write word, nudge or reminder!

    Aren't you glad 'you' aren't in control...

    boy oh boy, when I think about what I would do if I were in control...well let's just say things wouldn't be what they are...

    the wonderful thing about God is that He does things for us out of love not selfishness or greed...He doesn't manipulate a situation to make it work for Him ultimately but rather to make us the BEST that we can be and so that we can be ALL that He created us to be...

  7. What a precious song...and Ann Geddes babies are always adorable!

  8. Such a sweet song and pretty video. I pray you will have a peaceful and Blessed Christmas. I can see why you have been concerned. We need to cast our cares upon Him, for He cares for us.

  9. Absolutely a beautiful reminder! Thia year I will make a cake for jesus :) And I will post this video on my blog on Christmas Day - yehey! Thank you for finding and sharing this.


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