Monday, December 22, 2008


This past weekend found our family out spreading Christmas cheer to friends, family, and neighbors.  It is my favorite part of our Christmas traditions... caroling.  The kids donned their Santa hats, Christmas shirts, and bells and went home to home greeting people and wishing them a Merry Christmas.  Here are some pictures from our adventure:
Saturday was rounded out by a visit to our favorite Christmas lights display and a tour of a live nativity.  It was awesome!

Yesterday at church was special too.  During our morning service we were blessed to have an artist who painted a canvas of Mary and the baby Jesus as the choir sang.  It was beautifully done.  And last night we enjoyed family communion followed by a wonderful time of fellowship with our Christmas banquet.

Today we are off to visit friends at the nursing home, do some more caroling, and hopefully see some more lights.

Tomorrow will find us at the hospital for Tommy's shoulder surgery.  God has given my heart a peace about it that I have not had prior to now.  I know Tommy is going to be fine and this surgery will be a success.  I do  appreciate all of your prayers for him.

This Christmas season has been different for my home than most years, but it has still been so blessed.  God has opened my heart and revealed more to me during this season than I can possibly explain in this post.  Here's a little though.... 

I've had the joy of having a son born at Christmas but have also experienced the loss of a child at Easter.  This is the first year that I have stopped and realized the bitter sweetness of having had both experiences.  I have a whole new appreciation for Mary, but I also have a new appreciation for EMMANUEL.  Christmas didn't stop at the manger or the cross.  It goes on forever because through everything we face He is Emmanuel...God with us!  Tomorrow He will be in surgery with my husband guiding his doctors and nurses, but He will also be in a waiting room with me offering comfort and hope.  He is my wonderful counselor, my mighty God, my PRINCE OF PEACE.  He is my ever present help in times of trouble.  He is my strong tower and my refuge.  Through every situation I face He is EMMANUEL...GOD WITH ME!!


  1. We carolled last night. What a fun time even though it was only like 6 degrees. Yikes. The kids still had a great time.
    Loved your pictures. super cute!
    Have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Great post, Sam! Hope that all goes well today...praying! Merry Christmas!

  3. funny how He shows us things afresh and anew...and a blessing He's given you that you have now used to bless me and others with...

    Emmanuel God WITH us...He said in His Word He would not leave us comfortless and He hasn't EVER! Not for a moment has He ever left you or Tommy, or the kids, or me, my family or anyone! He is ALWAYS there and is ALWAYS in control...there is nothing that takes Him by surprise...and once again I find myself remembering He is the FIRST and the LAST the Beginning and the End...and He knew the END from the BEGINNING!

    What a comfort...

    My sweet friend, I have been praying and will continue to do so...please call me once his is out of surgery and in recovery...

    I love you my sweet friend!


  4. We went caroling a couple of weeks ago and it was such a delight to see the smiles on their faces.

    Praying his surgery went well and his recovery is quick and smooth.

    Have a blessed CHRISTmas!

  5. Oh! I love these pictures and I really like your Christmas card...Have a very Merry Christmas...

  6. Sounds like fun! I missed this post before the surgery. I hope everything went well. And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Take care my friend!

  7. Looks like you all had fun. I pray the surgery went well. Blessings...


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