Friday, November 14, 2008

My Hubby - The Love of My Life

After years of doctors visits, cortisone shots, and physical therapy, it has been determined that the only option left to help ease the pain in my hubby's shoulder is surgery. He is scheduled to have bone spurs removed and a tear in his rotator cuff repaired on December 23rd. The doctor had wanted to do it sooner, but we opted for later so that we could have a couple of paychecks before Tommy's off work for four to eight weeks.

I am very hopeful that this surgery will help relieve his pain once and for all. He has suffered with this shoulder for so many years. The kids can't wait to be able to get in the yard and play ball with their daddy again and to tell you the truth, neither can he.

Our eleventh anniversary is Monday. After eleven years of marriage I can honestly say that I still get twitter-pated at the sight of my man. He was a "good guy" when I married him but has become so much more as the years have passed. Tommy is an on fire, sold out, born again, Holy Ghost filled Christian. He is a loving, attentive husband, and he is a caring, dedicated father. He always goes above and beyond to put my needs and the needs of our children above his own... as is evident in the fact that he has postponed his surgery until their Christmas gifts have been bought and our bills have been paid in advance.

My husband truly is one in a million. I fall more in love with Tommy every single day. I am so thankful that God chose him for me! He is my soul mate, my life partner, my prayer partner, my best friend, and so much more. He really is the half that makes me whole.

I love you, Sweetheart! Happy Anniversary!!!


  1. My son-in-law Tommy is "one in a million". He is definitely "a keeper"... and a blessing to our lives.

    He is a wonderful husband, a goldly father, and a solid Christian man.

    I am thankful God brought him into our family.

    Tommy and Samantha together make a "perfect pair"!

  2. Oh, how sweet! Good husbands are invaluable. I don't know what I would do without mine.

    I pray that the surgery relieves the issue. May God continue to be with you and watch over your family!

  3. aww shucks how you do go on!! I love you more every day too,and will for always!!

  4. ok so I'm jealous! LOL!

    You guys are great! I love the way you love each other...inspiring to say the least! God has really blessed you both abundantly! you are so good to each other and for each other!

    So whaddya think of my new layout??? I did the top thing (who knows what its called) by myself!! LOL! I kinda like it!!

    Thanks for commenting on my was a more like a blognovel this time, eh?!


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