Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isaac!!

Well, you were warned. Three of our children have birthdays within four weeks of each other. Connor started us off, and was followed by his sister Dacey Jade. And now Isaac brings us to our third cake in four weeks!

(Isaac also requested a "Hidden Mickey" cake.)

Isaac's birthday was not until this Tuesday, October 7th, but we began celebrating on Saturday. Of my four children, Isaac is the one only one that seems to feel left out. "Middle child syndrome" maybe? At any rate, his daddy and I wanted to do something really special for him to make him feel like "king for the day." We left his siblings with Nana and headed to Brookhaven for our "let's spoil Isaac rotten day."

Our first stop was at the theatre to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua." We were in stitches through the entire showing. It was a great movie that this mom gives two thumbs way up! After that we decided to stop by Millane's in hopes of finding Isaac a Chihuahua Webkinz to commemorate the movie. He chose a Pug that he named Sebastion after the one in the movie and also a Chihuahua that he named Papi after the movie's leading pup. Upon learning that it was his birthday, the ladies at Millane's let him choose a Webkinz mousepad and trading cards to share in his pre-birthday celebrations. I was really touched by their actions.

From there Isaac asked to eat lunch at Dairy Queen. He didn't eat much but did enjoy an M&M blizzard.

After Dairy Queen we headed to Isaac's favorite place: WAL-MART! He was told he could pick one toy of his choice. He was really excited.

He looked at the bicycles. He liked the red one, but it was too small. The green one was just right, but Isaac, being Isaac, settled on a race car t-shirt that came with a transformer. (He's my "clothes-loving" child.)

Once Tuesday finally arrived we made cupcakes and carried around to several of our friends in the community. We figured instead of having a birthday party at home we would make Isaac's special day a community celebration! I made an extra special effort of making the M&M's into miniature Mickey heads on each cupcake. When asked if we were Disney obsessed, we answered honestly: YES! Which made him all the more excited to receive a Mickey Mouse t-shirt from Aunt Sidney and Daniel.

That evening we celebrated at home with Nana and Poppa. He had asked for a Disney/Webkinz birthday and was not to be disappointed!

Our day out with Isaac by himself on Saturday was a wonderful experience for him and something we will definitely do more often. He has seemed so much more content this past week as a result of the undivided attention he was lavished with. He really had a great birthday and got everything his little heart had desired... even the "just right" green bicycle he'd ridden around Wal-Mart on Saturday. I think he has had fun turning six!


  1. Awe what a great birthday! What a great way to show him how SPECIAL he is!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'mickey' cupcakes! :)

  2. You definitely made him feel special on his birthday. Can I be your child? LOL! :D

    That was neat how you did a community celebration with giving out cupcakes. I might have to try that idea. :D

    Have a great weekend! :D


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