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Summer Photo Essay


This week I want to invite you to take a moment and post a Summer Photo Essay memoir. Starting from around the official date of Summer to this past week - just give a basic summary of your summer as I know someone of you are photoholics! Haha! Make sure you jot down your memoirs about each photo so everyone can read about your summer. You can do the essay however you want. You can journal a lot of just caption the photo! Can’t wait to see what you all do!

1. Our diva, Dacey, doing her Angelina Jolie imitation.

2. Christmas in June! We went to Build a Bear. Isaac picked a Koala!

3. Jaden and Daddy dress Jaden's bear in a Spiderman costume.

4. Dacey and Diva Dog head to bed in matching jammies.

5. Daddy and Connor getting goofy before bedtime.


7. Isaac always puts a sparkle in my eyes.

8. And that Jaden's a real firecracker!

9. Jaden caught a lizard at the park.

10. Dacey's blowing bubbles for Mickey Pup.

11. Isaac's just "blowing bubbles".

12. Our early summer visit to the ER came when Connor went head first down six concrete stairs!

13. Here's the kids "in" Texas.

14. I think the whole "being in Texas" thing really went to Jaden's head.

15. A true Texas antenna topper!

16. The kids were suppose to meet a Texas Ranger on our way out of town, but he was called out before we got there! BUMMER!

17. Dacey, Tinker-Sidney, and myself attended a beautiful, summer wedding.

18. The kids showing some love... not an often seen sight these days!

19. Jaden being Jaden! (And what better thing could he be, I ask??)

20. Connor spent all summer snuggling with his Cricket!

21. And how could we forget the Hannah Montana 3D concert shown on Disney channel??


23. The biggest event of our summer was Isaac asking Jesus into his heart and getting baptized which we celebrated the next day with our friends!

24. Connor learning to swim in Daddy's arms at Clear Springs Lake.

25. We brought Bella Rose home August 1st. Dacey instantly tried to love her to death!

26. Isaac proudly displaying his super kiss from his one and only super mom!

27. And then there was the day the kids went gangsta on me! Thank God it only lasted a day!

28. Bella Rose saying her prayers... probably asking God that we never dress her up again!

29. The first day of school. Here my "drama" students are pretending they are in prison!

30. The queen of back bends!

31. Jaden lost another tooth!

32. We enjoyed seeing Team Impact with our good friends.

33. Daddy swinging Connor at the park after a long day at work.

34. The kids with some of their buds at Burger King.

35. Hanging out with Nana watching the effects of Gustav from the front door.

36. Flash flood warning! You think??

37. Connor enjoyed an early birthday meal at Cracker Barrel. He loved his sundae!!

38. I think he was even more impressed with his Mickey head birthday cake!

39. He and his siblings couldn't wait to get into it!

40. After Connor's party the kids played "how many balloons can you hold".

41. Jaden spraying the water hose at the fire department.

42. AKC's Responsible Pet Owner Day in Jackson.

43. Isaac caught a butterfly and was thrilled until it started crawling up him!

44. Adorable!

45. Dacey's birthday party.

46. Blowing out her candles.

47. Dacey and Daddy playing Twister.

48. Happy Birthday, Dacey! Dacey and her new friend, Felicity Joy!


  1. this sounds like soooooo much fun! Can't wait to get home from work and get started on mine! Muwahhh!

    One ? --how will I put the pics in my post?

  2. Wonderful post! Looks like you had a great summer.

  3. I love it! :D Thanks for sharing all the great pics! :D

  4. It looks like you all had a great summer!!! You're children are darling! :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

  5. can't figure out how to put pics in! UGH!

  6. How neat! Loved your pictures and it looks like you all had a ton of fun this summer. Have a blessed week!


  7. looks great. Can you tell me how to make one of those mosaic photo things. is my email

  8. Looks like a fun summer!! I still am trying to figure out how to put all my pics up!


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