Monday, September 15, 2008


The day started with us sneaking into Dacey's room while she slept and putting her gifts on her bed:

Dacey heard her Daddy talking and woke up wondering what was going on:
She sat up and saw the gifts at the end of her bed:
But couldn't quite believe her eyes:
So she asked, "Am I seeing things or are there gifts there?"

She quickly opened her first gift to reveal the American Girl doll she has dreamed of for more than a year now:

She loved the extra outfit we'd gotten for the doll and was quick to find a close match in her closet to dress like her:

It was a wonderful day. Dacey really enjoyed each of her gifts and I think she got everything she'd wished for. At one point today she told me that she was so surprised because she didn't think she'd ever get an American Girl doll. Her Nana even surprised her with American Girl perfume, lotion, a manicure set, and her favorite American Girl movie.

I think she will always remember her tenth birthday as a very special day! I know I will.

Ready for bed:

Dacey Jade is a very special young lady. I am really proud of who she is becoming. If you'd like to know more about my precious girl, check out her blog: Southern Jewel's Princess Diaries.

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  1. Dacey Jade is a precious jewel. She is truly a gift from God and has blessed me every day of her life.

    The most precious thing about Dacey is the fact that she is not only beautiful on the outside but is also beautiful inside... where it realy matters.

    Dacey loves God. His loves shines out of her eyes.

    Dacey never meets a stranger and always reaches out to those who might be shy or left out... the forgotten.

    God has plans for this precious girl and I can't wait to see them unfold.


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