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Summer Photo Essay


This week I want to invite you to take a moment and post a Summer Photo Essay memoir. Starting from around the official date of Summer to this past week - just give a basic summary of your summer as I know someone of you are photoholics! Haha! Make sure you jot down your memoirs about each photo so everyone can read about your summer. You can do the essay however you want. You can journal a lot of just caption the photo! Can’t wait to see what you all do!

1. Our diva, Dacey, doing her Angelina Jolie imitation.
2. Christmas in June! We went to Build a Bear. Isaac picked a Koala!
3. Jaden and Daddy dress Jaden's bear in a Spiderman costume.
4. Dacey and Diva Dog head to bed in matching jammies.
5. Daddy and Connor getting goofy before bedtime.
7. Isaac always puts a sparkle in my eyes.
8. And that Jaden's a real firecracker!
9. Jaden caught a lizard at the park.
10. Dacey's blowing bubbles for Mickey Pup.
11. Isaac's just "blowing bubbles".
12. Our …

The Choice to Homeschool

It has recently been brought to my attention that there are those who consider families who homeschool as "weird", "fanatical", or even "freaks". Well, call me a weird, fanatical, freak if you wish, but I'm a homeschooling mom and proud of it!

Despite what some may think:
1. I do not homeschool my children to shelter them.
2. I do not homeschool my children because I am opposed to public schools.
3. My children are not "unsocialized".
4. My children do live in the real world.

To the contrary:
1. Being homeschooled my children are exposed to the "real" world as they are not provided the luxury of being away from home when their father and I deal with the problems of the "real" world. They also watch and hear the news and have a good understanding of what is going on in the world around them.
2. My children are homeschooled because that is where God has led my family. I certainly do not believe that it is something that God has ca…


The day started with us sneaking into Dacey's room while she slept and putting her gifts on her bed:

Dacey heard her Daddy talking and woke up wondering what was going on:
She sat up and saw the gifts at the end of her bed:
But couldn't quite believe her eyes:
So she asked, "Am I seeing things or are there gifts there?"

She quickly opened her first gift to reveal the American Girl doll she has dreamed of for more than a year now:

She loved the extra outfit we'd gotten for the doll and was quick to find a close match in her closet to dress like her:

It was a wonderful day. Dacey really enjoyed each of her gifts and I think she got everything she'd wished for. At one point today she told me that she was so surprised because she didn't think she'd ever get an American Girl doll. Her Nana even surprised her with American Girl perfume, lotion, a manicure set, and her favorite American Girl movie.

I think she will always remember her tenth birthday as a very spe…

Field Trips, Birthday's, and The Dog Days of Summer

(Dacey and Connor exiting the fire truck.) Yesterday our homeschool group took a field trip to the Fire Department in Brookhaven. I was really impressed with the lengths these wonderful firefighters went to to teach and entertain our children. They were patient and attentive. My Jaden really cracked me up at one point. When the fireman asked what the children should do if a friend or sibling was playing with matches, Jaden quickly responded, "CALL 9-1-1!!" LOL A few minutes passed before Isaac became bored. He took the opportunity during question time to raise his hand to ask, "Can we go look at the trucks now?" The answer was yes and all of the children were delighted! Even Connor got a turn to get in the fire truck and to spray the fire hose. Afterwards one of the firemen went up about thirty feet in a bucket and then repelled down for the children to see. We were all amazed at his acrobatic expertise. I had taken the kids friends, Adrian and Emily, with us to the …

Seized by Temptation

No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. 1 Corinthians 10:13

My children have of late been running wild. One sign of respect shown by saying "sir" or "ma'am" has become almost non-existent. (Yes, call us old fashioned, but we still expect that from our children.) When told to go to bed, they argue. When asked to clean up their room, they put it off. And when asked to do their chores? They put up a fight!

So last night we had a family meeting. My husband and I explained to the kids the things we have noticed in their attitudes and actions that are displeasing to us and told them what we expected them to do to correct the issues. We also discussed the consequences that would be in place when they failed to meet our expectations.

We hugged, kissed, and said our goodnights. I remind…




Even after we'd already had three children, Tommy and I still did not feel like our family was complete.

In the Spring of 2004 we were thrilled to find out we were expecting again. I had made it past the six week mark where I'd miscarried the rest of the children we'd lost. So we knew that we were on our way to having a baby. But in my fourth month I started spotting. A trip to the emergency room confirmed my fears.... I was losing our Layna Grace. A blood clot had formed behind the placenta and two days after the first ER visit, the blood clot burst. Layna was in her master's arms, and we were left to grieve.

Another two years passed by... I'd had another "possible, unconfirmed" miscarriage, but I still desperately wanted another baby. Almost two years to the day after we'd found out we were pregnant with Layna, we learned we were indeed expecting again.

The decision was made we would share the news with our children. Though they were all still young (3…

Homeschool Routines

Well, it definitely took time for me to get out of my box thinking that we had to have it all done by a certain time each day. Over the past couple of years I realized I was setting myself up for disappointment and with disappointment came stress for our entire household. So now instead of following a schedule, we try to follow a routine.

The kids day looks something like this:
Kids Day
Get up, change clothes, make bed, feed dogs
Breakfast, brush teeth
Devotion time
Finish any school
Practice guitar
Play time
Supper time
Bath time
Clean up bedrooms
Devotion time
Bedtime - must be in bed no later than 9:00 P.M.
I always stress to my children that any job whether it is school work or chores that is only half done has not really been done at all. I also tell them quite often that if they day dream or waste time while they are suppose to be doing school work or chores, that is time that cuts into their play time. Rather than follow a clock, we do the job until it's finished to th…

Sweet Peace

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you. Isaiah 26:3

Over the past twenty-four hours during flooding, tornado sirens, and power outages, I have more than once had to reassure my children that regardless of how things seemed outside that God was still in control!
As warnings of Gustav began a week ago, we started making preparations in expectation that we could once again lose power and water for a week or more. However, never did we panic because we know in whom we have believed and HE IS FAITHFUL! He is the same one who speaks to the wind and waters and they obey.... our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!
We are very blessed that we have been kept safe from most of the storm. We have only lost electricity three times for about five minutes at a time. We have a lot of debris surrounding our home, but there was no damage to our house. There is flooding in our community, but we are together in our home and dry!
He who dwells in the shelter of th…