Thursday, August 21, 2008

Withholding Good

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27

My kids often come to me asking me to go and sit and do a project with them. Whether it is playing with Barbie dolls, taking a walk, or sitting down to paint, I often find "better" things I should be doing. There are clothes to be washed, dishes to be cleaned, meals to be cooked, lesson plans to prepare, and blogs to be written. I feel like I have very little "me" time. So though I am ashamed to admit it, more often than not I "put my children off."

Yesterday Isaac got a new art kit from the Dollar Tree. It was a Mickey Mouse paint set, and he was chomping at the bit wanting to get into to that thing. I'd told him if he did good on school this morning, I'd try to sit down with him this afternoon so he could paint.

Procrastination and my fear of a huge mess to clean up aside, I was true to my word and we set down to paint. Isaac shared one of the Mickey Mouse paint sheets with Jaden and we set Connor up with notebook paper. Dacey joined in after she finished her schoolwork. And we all had such a good time!

Connor had fun, but quickly tuckered out and opted for his afternoon nap:

Isaac enjoyed showing off his more colorful side:

Jaden, of course, would have preferred using the paint brush as a light saber:

And Dacey created a masterpiece, complete with a Mickey Mouse shaped cloud:

Had I followed my normal course of action and denied my children the opportunity for me to sit down with them for an hour while they did something they enjoy, we would have all missed out.

This is an area in which I intend to work harder. I try hard to create many happy memories for my children, but I have learned in regards to just normal every day things that when I "withhold good" from them, I'm really withholding the most good from myself.


  1. I wish I had had your wisdom when my children were small. They are only little once... and once they are grown, the opportunity is gone. You are a wise Mommy!!

  2. Your a GREAT mom, but I understand, so much to do and not enough time to do it in. Oh, the blessings we receive when we do take time! This is a area I myself am working on... God bless!

  3. How easy it is to push our very own children aside because we are too busy or too tired at the time... Isn't it a blessing to know that God isn't that way with His children?!?
    I'd be delighted for you to add me to your blog fav's. I will do the same for you, if you don't mind. It's so refreshing and encouraging to read about what God is doing in people's lives, instead of all the other trash that is out there. God bless!!

  4. OMW Samantha!! When we "met" you were pregnant with Connor. Can't wait to get caught up with you :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Wow, what a great post. It really encouraged me. I do the same thing at times. I know I will regret it later, but I still do it. Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement!



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