Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Source of My Amusement

"Hannah Bat-tana"

Every family has one. You know who I'm talking about. That one person in each family that possesses the power to make you wail with laughter on days you don't even feel like cracking a smile. In our family that person would be my seven year old son, Jaden (aka Super J-Man).

Jaden has a way of making folks feel better. He is very handsome, always friendly, and always the comedian of any group. If he were in school, he would be the child titled "class clown." Jaden has had a very sharp wit from as far back as I can remember. If he was talking, he was making a joke.

A couple of his latest funnies I have decided to share here. I hope you enjoy them.

Funny #1 - After being asked to run to his baby brother's room to fetch a diaper one day recently, Jaden was somewhat slow to return. When he did finally re-enter the living room with the diaper in his hand, I asked, "Jaden, what took so long?" To which he replied, "Oh, you know? Traffic was crazy!"

Funny #2 - During a conversation explaining to Jaden that when his daddy is at work he, being the oldest male, is the "man of the house", he informed me that should he need to protect me and his siblings that he would bravely battle whatever the foe with his trusty light saber. Upon asking him, "How are you going to hurt someone with a toy light saber?", Jaden turned to me and replied, "Hellll--oooo----, I'll use the end of it and hit them over the head."

I realize that these might not sound nearly as hilarious in print as they did in the moment. But our Jaden is a firecracker! He makes me smile daily. I am so thankful that God picked me to be his momma!


  1. You talking about cute, your children are so cute... It is so amazing how God works! I have one who looks just like me and Dunc has one who looks just like him. Your little blessings are the same way, you have little Samatha's and little Tommie's. God bless!

  2. All Jaden has to do is flash those long eyelashes or smile to light up a room. The humor is "icing on the cake".

  3. We have one at our home as well! I am sure you already know who that is! :)

    BTW, let Southern Jewel know i tried to comment on her blog and it wouldn't let me b/c I don't have a blogger acct (good protection from crazies I realize) I just wanted to tell her I liked her blog and her puppies are all precious! And so is she! :)


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