Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the First Day of Kindergarten, 2nd AND 4th Grade!

I spent all last week organizing and re-organizing every nook and cranny in our house down to rearranging bedrooms. Yep, we did a switch-a--roo... Dacey took our room, Jaden and Isaac took Dacey's room, and Dad and I are stuck for now in Jaden and Isaac's race car inspired room. (To be repainted VERY soon!) My kitchen (aka the school room) was spic and span clean. (Note the word was as nothing in our home ever stays spic and span clean for very long at all. My living room was picked up. And no, Jaden, I did not have to get under the house to achieve that.

All of my efforts were in preparation for today: OUR FIRST DAY OF THE 2008/2009 SCHOOL YEAR!

Today Dacey started 4th grade. This year she is once again doing Alpha Omega's Switched on Schoolhouse. We have learned from past experiences that this is indeed the curriculum from which she learns the most. Last year we used Lifepacs instead of SOS and everyday was a struggle. Our first subject of the day, Language Arts, proved to be a challenge. It took her two hours to complete. We knew at this rate she would be having a ten hour school day. So I sat with her for about an hour while she re-worked her LA . (Her grade was less than acceptable the first time around.) For whatever reason when I was seated next to her she made a 100 on her work! Go figure! Next was Math followed by Bible. She made a 100 on each of those too! You go, Girl!!! She just needed to find her groove and now she is raring to go.

Jaden started 2nd grade today. Jaden's successes always pull at my heart strings as he was kind of a "late bloomer" but once he got it, he has taken it and run with it. (For those of you don't know Jaden had some extreme speech delays that were only resolved after having tubes put in his ears and having his adenoids removed. He also had to have glasses for reading. Since having had his surgery and getting his glasses he has more than exceeded my hopes and expectations.) He zipped through his work today making 100's on every worksheet in every subject. I am so proud of him!!

And no, we are not Jewish, nor is Jaden preparing for his Bar Mitzvah. He simply had a tan baseball cap on backwards!

And my Isaac.... my precious Isaac started kindergarten today. Where has time gone?!? With each of my children that we have started on the homeschool journey with thus far, we have had some kind of obstacle to overcome. Isaac was not an exception. He is left handed. While that certainly does not hinder his learning ability, it was intimidating to this mom who has only taught right handed children to write prior to now. I googled every site I could find about teaching left handed children to write properly and was thrilled today when Isaac held his crayon correctly and learned quickly how to position his paper in a way most comfortable for him. After a few minutes of practicing, Isaac was tracing numbers and letters like a pro! He is excited to be doing "official" school work now after watching his big sister and brother doing it for most of his life. I think he will do well.

Last but certainly not least, Connor was not to be out done. He sat in his high chair for more than an hour coloring in a coloring book and playing with puzzles. You have no idea what an accomplishment this was.... Connor does not sit still!!! It goes against his nature. He is our wild child and it has been a concern for weeks how I'd corral him once school started. I hope every day with him is as easy as today.

I remember when our homeschool journey started five years ago. I don't think I ever really believed we'd be capable of surviving it this long. I often reminded God that I was inadequate to be a homeschool parent. Amazingly enough, I never quite convinced Him. For every time along the way that I have complained about my weaknesses, He has reminded me of His strengths. When I thought my children would never grasp the concept at hand, He reminded me that through Him all things are possible. When I felt at wits end, ready to pull my hair out, He has reminded me that HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT. Homeschooling is the same as anything else. There are good days, and even more often, there are bad days. Bringing this to an end I can hear Kate Gosselins words ringing in my head, "But we're a family, and we're in this together." And thank God that even more importantly, we are in this with Him!


  1. I just LOVE Jon and Kate plus 8! Can you imagine 8 kids...well i guess you can more so than me...you are halfway there!

    I admire you Samantha...I admire what God is doing in you and your family...keep on for Him...others can see Him alive and working through you!

    I stand in awe of the way you are with your children and your hubby...and vice versa...thank you for being faithful! For being just who God is molding you to be...

    I am praising you but the credit goes to HIM I know...and I PRAISE Him for doing it in you so that I can see...

  2. Thanks for sharing your homeschool "adventures". I have a friend at church that homeschools. I will share your blogspot with her. I think you will be a big encouragement to her. Have a blessed day!


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