Wednesday, August 27, 2008

God's Masterspiece

I love nature photograpy. I've taken pictures of birds, lakes, and flowers. But my all time favorites are pictures I've taken of the sky. I love the colors of the sunset... how the blues fade into pinks and are surrounded by hints of purple and orange. It is always a breath taking sight. With each sunset the scripture comes to mind , " the Heaven's declare the glory of the Lord." Indeed they do. Here are some pictures I took this past weekend. If you enjoy these, take a look at my "God's Glory" album at myspace.


  1. If you love sky pics, you may get the chance this coming weekend to get some real stuff! Sad news, Frank, the deer, had to be put down today. Something spooked him and he broke his jaw [not repairable]. My heart is broken and the tears are flowing. I'm sorry that the children won't be able to come out and visit him. Maybe when I get another "baby" of some kind I can let you know. Sorry I had to post this on your blog but I don't have your email.

  2. the sky pictures are beautiful. How can someone look at that and not see the handiwork of the Lord? I'm going to put your blogsite on my page, if you don't mind. You asked me about that a couple of weeks ago. My little one has been sick with an ear infection-and I don't remember if I ever responded, but that is fine,too. God bless you and your family!!

  3. Love the pictures!! I take alot of sky pics too! SO does my daughter. She is always running in the house Momma you got to see this cloud Can I take a Picture Pleeease??? LOL


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