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God's Masterspiece

I love nature photograpy. I've taken pictures of birds, lakes, and flowers. But my all time favorites are pictures I've taken of the sky. I love the colors of the sunset... how the blues fade into pinks and are surrounded by hints of purple and orange. It is always a breath taking sight. With each sunset the scripture comes to mind , " the Heaven's declare the glory of the Lord." Indeed they do. Here are some pictures I took this past weekend. If you enjoy these, take a look at my "God's Glory" album at myspace.

Homeschool Agenda


This week’s theme is about sharing your 2008-09 homeschool agendas and plans. You’ve been preparing your plans for sometime and you’re ready to go. Or you’re still in the planning-stage and need some inspiration or tips on what to use. Because many use different curriculum and methods there is always something new to be gleaned from other homeschoolers. It’s always fun and interesting to see what other’s are using and the WWWWH as Robin Sampson suggests. So this week I hope you will share what you’re doing this year for your homeschool agenda. Share the different curriculum you’re using. You can also include what age/grade you’re using it for, how long you’ve been using it, and why you like it. Please share a Bible verse that has encouraged you or inspired you during this planning-process, and how.

Our school day is always started with our most important curriculum: The Holy Bible. I prefer the NIV and usually read to the kids or have them read aloud from the NIrV (New Internation…

Homeschool Memoirs Week One - All About You

I've never participated in "themed"blogs before, but this seems like a pretty good way to get to know other homeschool moms. Here goes nothing!
The Rules:
The first theme begins today, August 20th, 2008. This week, we want to hear about YOU. The author behind the words. The Momma behind all the homeschooling kiddos. Just write up something about you, your family, and your home. How long you’ve been homeschooling and why you decided to homeschool. It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy at all, but we’d love to hear it! You might include a family photo too!

Tommy and I were married almost eleven years ago. Since then we have been blessed with four, amazing, wonderful gifts from God. Our only daughter, Dacey, is almost ten; Jaden is seven; Isaac is five; and Connor will turn two in two weeks.
My "first face" of homeschooling came when I was still a child. There was a family in a neighboring town who homeschooled. They were so close, so tightly bonded together, and al…

Withholding Good

Do not withhold good from those who deserve it,
when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27

My kids often come to me asking me to go and sit and do a project with them. Whether it is playing with Barbie dolls, taking a walk, or sitting down to paint, I often find "better" things I should be doing. There are clothes to be washed, dishes to be cleaned, meals to be cooked, lesson plans to prepare, and blogs to be written. I feel like I have very little "me" time. So though I am ashamed to admit it, more often than not I "put my children off."

Yesterday Isaac got a new art kit from the Dollar Tree. It was a Mickey Mouse paint set, and he was chomping at the bit wanting to get into to that thing. I'd told him if he did good on school this morning, I'd try to sit down with him this afternoon so he could paint.

Procrastination and my fear of a huge mess to clean up aside, I was true to my word and we set down to paint. Isaac shared one of the …

The Source of My Amusement

"Hannah Bat-tana"

Every family has one. You know who I'm talking about. That one person in each family that possesses the power to make you wail with laughter on days you don't even feel like cracking a smile. In our family that person would be my seven year old son, Jaden (aka Super J-Man).

Jaden has a way of making folks feel better. He is very handsome, always friendly, and always the comedian of any group. If he were in school, he would be the child titled "class clown." Jaden has had a very sharp wit from as far back as I can remember. If he was talking, he was making a joke.

A couple of his latest funnies I have decided to share here. I hope you enjoy them.

Funny #1 - After being asked to run to his baby brother's room to fetch a diaper one day recently, Jaden was somewhat slow to return. When he did finally re-enter the living room with the diaper in his hand, I asked, "Jaden, what took so long?" To which he replied, "Oh, you know?…

On the First Day of Kindergarten, 2nd AND 4th Grade!

I spent all last week organizing and re-organizing every nook and cranny in our house down to rearranging bedrooms. Yep, we did a switch-a--roo... Dacey took our room, Jaden and Isaac took Dacey's room, and Dad and I are stuck for now in Jaden and Isaac's race car inspired room. (To be repainted VERY soon!) My kitchen (aka the school room) was spic and span clean. (Note the word was as nothing in our home ever stays spic and span clean for very long at all. My living room was picked up. And no, Jaden, I did not have to get under the house to achieve that.

All of my efforts were in preparation for today: OUR FIRST DAY OF THE 2008/2009 SCHOOL YEAR!

Today Dacey started 4th grade. This year she is once again doing Alpha Omega's Switched on Schoolhouse. We have learned from past experiences that this is indeed the curriculum from which she learns the most. Last year we used Lifepacs instead of SOS and everyday was a struggle. Our first subject of the day, Language Arts, proved …